Oklahoman schools begin to set fall election issues

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August 26, 2011


TULSA, Oklahoma: Local school districts in Oklahoma have started to place issues on upcoming ballots for September and October. For the special election on September 13, the deadline to register was August 19. Le Flore County residents in the Monroe, Shady Point and Red Oak school district areas will be voting on school bonds. The Monroe school district seeks approval of two bonds, one for $160,000 and the other for $75,000. The larger bond would go towards buying new school buses for the district and the other bond would be used for building a bigger garage for the buses as well as upgrading technology throughout the district. The Shady Point school district is asking for a bond in the amount of $250,000 which would go towards increasing school security throughout the district as well as other construction projects. The Red Oak school district is seeking a bond in the amount of $1.31 million which would go towards building, equipping, repairing and remodeling school buildings in the district as well as acquiring school furniture, fixtures and equipment for school facilities and lastly acquire and improve school sites as needed.[1]

A special election will also be held on October 11, and schools have also slated issues for this election date. The McAlester school district voted to place a school bond measure on the October ballot though the exact amount of the bond has not been decided. The school board had discussed possible projects for the district and was looking for feedback from residents to decide which projects should be included. The district had also tried to pass a bond in January of 2011, but that failed.[2] The Lindsey school district has also decided to place two bond proposals on the October ballot, totaling $2.5 million. The money would go towards acquiring new buses for the district as well as making renovations and repairs to school buildings. The school Superintendent noted that the repairs are needed for the safety of the students and hopes residents will see that need.[3]

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