Oklahomans to vote on various local issues on April 3

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March 30, 2012


TULSA, Oklahoma: On April 3, local issues will be decided in Oklahoma. School issues to be decided on include the Silo school district which is asking for the second time for voter approval of a $ 2.4 million bond. The previous vote for the bond was on February 14, but it failed to get the needed 60 percent super majority to pass. The bond would help pay for new classrooms in the district and make safety upgrades as needed. The School Superintendent has noted that class sizes continue to grow and the schools need more classes to accommodate the larger student population. Opponents have noted that the voters have already said no to the bond, it is not right for the school to ask again for the same thing. Though school officials have been hosting informational meetings to help inform residents about the needs.[1] The Chisholm school district is also asking for bond approval, they are asking for $1.3 million in bonds in order to purchase new buses and replace older buses. School officials have cited old buses and higher maintenance costs as the main need to upgrade some of the bus fleet.[2]

The Pauls Valley school district is also seeking approval of a bond, their bond would be in the amount of $1.25 million and would go towards building a multi purpose building which would house a new cafeteria and be used for other school needs. School officials note that the new facility would address a multitude of needs for the schools, allowing for an auditorium and an area for gym classes. School officials have also noted that the bond would not increase current district taxes, just extend the current levy rate. The Wunnewood school district will ask for two bond measures, one for $1.105 million to pay for upgrades in the heating and cooling systems and the other for $385,000 to replace the football stadium bleachers.[3]

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