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Opposition forms against Arizona marijuana initiative

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April 5, 2010

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PHOENIX, Arizona: The initiative to allow medical marijuana in the state of Arizona has met a new foe in a newly formed campaign against medical marijuana and all that it entails. Max Fose, a Phoenix political consultant, created a campaign against the idea of a medical marijuana tax called "Stop the Pot." The campaign has so far donated $2,5000 towards defeating the proposed ballot initiative. According to the campaigns official website, the campaign has formed in order to inform Arizona voters of the negative affects of legalizing medical marijuana.

Also included on the site is the concern over the credibility of the Medical Marijuana Policy Project, which is the major funding source of the circulating initiative. According to the website, when citing the negative affects, "Users will be able to smoke over 200 joints every 14 days. 200 joints a person is a lot of drugs on our streets, in our neighborhoods and around our children." Another phrase found on the website stated, "Help keep drugs out of our neighborhoods and away from our children."Not only does the site refer to the amount of drugs being sold, but also the dispensaries that would sell those drugs. According to the website, "California has over 800 pot shops. Do you want a pot shop in your neighborhood?"[1][2]

According to Andrew Myers, who is spearheading the initiative effort to place the measure on the ballot, initiative provisions state that dispensaries must be located in areas zoned for commericial use and cannot be within 500 feet of schools. Myers also questioned whether or not Fose was interested in the issue of medical marijuana, or if he is only interested for financial purposed, stating he could possibly only be interested in finding a client for his consulting firm.

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