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Oregon Ballot Measure 108 (2008)

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Oregon Ballot Measure 108 (2008) was an initiated constitutional amendment that dealt with the issue of receiving monetary compensation to assist in abortion procedures.

The petition called for amending the Oregon Constitution to prohibit "the use of public or private funds to facilitate the killing of any human being from the moment of conception, wholly or partially within the womb or after delivery, and the acceptance of funds for performing such a procedure." Violations would have been punishable as murder or accessory to murder. The initiative would have allowed ending an ectopic pregnancy or executing someone convicted of a capital offense by a jury.[1]

Official ballot title

The official ballot title read at the time:

Using, Accepting Money To Perform Or Facilitate Abortion, Facilitate Or Cause Person's Death Is Murder.


Jack Brown, Richard Hake, and Barbara Gonzalez


This initiative was circulated but did not appear on the ballot.

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