Oregon Public Employee Union Funds Initiative (2012)

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Oregon Public Employee Union Funds Initiative, also known as Initiative 23, did not make the November 2012 statewide ballot as an initiated state statute.

The measure was withdrawn on August 30, 2011.[1]

Text of measure

The draft ballot title was:[2]

Labor organizations cannot use funds collected through public employee payroll deductions for specific political purposes.

Result of "Yes" Vote: "Yes" vote prohibits labor organizations from collecting money through public employee payroll deductions if money used for specified political purposes/commingled with organization's political funds.

Result of "No" Vote: "No" vote retains labor organizations' ability to use own money for political purposes, including money collected through, commingled with funds from, public employee payroll deductions.

Summary: Within generally-applicable limits, current law allows labor organizations to use own money to make political contributions and expenditures, spend money in connection with federal elections. Measure prohibits labor organizations from using/permitting use of money collected through public employee payroll deductions to make political contributions/expenditures, and purchases, payments, loans, or donations intended to influence federal election. Prohibits labor organization from commingling/permitting commingling of funds collected through public employee payroll deductions along with organization's political monies. Bars public employers from dispersing funds from payroll deductions to labor organization using/commingling funds in prohibited way. Use of funds for lobbying (defined by measure) not restricted. Mandates civil penalties for violations, though unclear whether penalties apply to public employers or to labor organizations. Other provisions.

Path to the ballot

See also: Oregon signature requirements

In order to qualify for the ballot, supporters are required to collect a minimum of 87,213 valid signatures by July 6, 2012.

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