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Oregon gillnet fishing ban supporters may file alternative measure for 2010

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February 16, 2010

SALEM, Oregon: Following a change to the Oregon Gillnet Fishing Ban (2010) ballot title, measure supporters announced that they plan to abandon their efforts.[1] The proposed measure, also known as the "Protect Our Salmon Act," called for using commercial fishing methods, which would have allowed selective harvest of hatchery fish.[2] On February 10, 2010 Attorney General John Kroger's office changed the ballot title to say a "yes vote" would ban "commercial salmon/sturgeon fishing in Columbia River" because the initiative would essentially end all commercial fishing on the river.[3] "The attorneys general's revised certified ballot title we feel is so far away from the intent of our initiative, we feel we are better off re-filing," said Bryan Irwin, a spokesman for the Coastal Conservation Association. According to measure supporters they plan to file another initiative for the 2010 ballot.

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