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Otter declares May the Second Amendment Protection month, hoping to attract more gun manufacturers into Idaho

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May 15, 2013


By Josh Altic

Boise, Idaho: Governor Butch Otter recently sent out letters to 79 gun and ammo manufacturers in 28 different states inviting them to bring their operations into the state of Idaho.

In his official proclamation, Otter boasted that "the National Rifle Association ranks Idaho as a gun-friendly state whose laws are among the least restrictive in the nation." He went on to say, "the state of Idaho openly embraces companies in the arms and ammunition manufacturing sector to expand or relocate to the state.”[1]

The Republican governor also assigned May to be Second Amendment Protection month. This is the seventh different designation of the month of May, the others ranging from Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to Mental Health Month. However, this is reportedly the only designation that he initiated himself. His press secretary, Jon Hanian, said, "In this case, he initiated this. This was something he wanted to do."[2] “In this case, he initiated this,” said Otter’s press secretary, Jon Hanian. “This was something he wanted to do.”

Megan Ronk, department spokeswoman, said, “It’s definitely an industry that we’re working aggressively to pursue" and pointed out that Idaho “has a number of statutes in place restricting lawsuits against firearms or ammunition manufactures and limiting product liability.” While Hanian, who works as the governor's spokesperson, made this statement about Otter's effort to encourage the gun and ammo industry: “He wants gun manufacturers to know that while there are some states going after the 2nd Amendment, in Idaho we plan to uphold it. We want them to know that here in Idaho, the welcome mat is out.”[2]

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