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Our Oregon is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that describes itself as a promoter of "economic and tax fairness for all Oregonians." Our Oregon's sponsors include non-profits, individuals, and labor unions.[1]


The Our Oregon staff is composed of:[1]

  • Patrick Green, Executive Director
  • Christy B. Mason, Deputy Director
  • Liz McCann, Political Director
  • Scott Moore, Communications Director

Ballot measure history

is a political advocacy group in Oregon that typically opposes tax-limitation ballot initiatives, especially those proposed by Bill Sizemore.

Patrick Green is the executive director of Our Oregon. In an August 2007 article in The Oregonian, former executive director Kevin Looper commented on the impact that Sizemore's initiatives have:

"Unfortunately, they win even when they lose with these things by forcing progressives to spend time and money defeating their bad ideas. We will win this debate every time, but they make us have it, and in doing so, they soak up institutional resources and try to advance their cause by giving red meat to their base."[2]

The Oregonian describes Our Oregon as "a labor-backed coalition that regularly battles the conservative signature-gathering machine."

2009 tax hike effort

In 2009, "Our Oregon" is supporting an effort to promote Ted Kulongoski's $733 million tax hike. Opponents of the tax hike are fighting it through the Oregon Tax Hike Vote, Ballot Measures 66 and 67 (2010).[3]

Ballot Watch

Our Oregon's website says, "Many members of our team also have years of experience on ballot measures which helps us maintain a 'Ballot Watch' service to keep track of all statewide ballot measures."

Funding sources

The "Our Oregon" website does not disclose the group's donors. It says, "Our Oregon is all about bringing people and groups together, which means we have a unique funding base. We are a mix of progressive non-profits, individuals, and labor unions."

Contact information

Our Oregon
813 SW Alder St
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-239-8029
Fax: 503-232-0180
E-Mail: info@ouroregon.org

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