Over $600K poured in to pass Arizona health care measure

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August 25, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona: Supporters of the Arizona health care insurance measure are sending in significant amounts of money, as the campaign in support of the measure has collected $607,741. Those figures are according to the Arizona Secretary of State's website. The website does not list any donors, yet, to the campaign against the measure. The top two contributors so far have been the U.S. Health Freedom Coalition, who have given $200,000, and The Benjamin Rush League, with that organization giving $250,000. Eight contributors have donated $10,000 a piece.

If enacted by a simple majority of voters this fall, the measure would amend the Arizona Constitution by barring any rules or regulations that would force state residents to participate in a health-care system. The proposed amendment would also ensure that individuals would have the right to pay for private health insurance. State legislators in both the Arizona State Senate and Arizona House of Representatives voted to put the measure before the state's voters. The proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution was sponsored by state representative Nancy Barto.

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