Over two centuries late, New Hampshire General Assembly to answer slaves' plea for freedom

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January 31, 2013

New Hampshire

By Tyler King

CONCORD, New Hampshire: State Senator Martha Fuller Clark has introduced a bill that would posthumously free 20 slaves who, on November 12, 1779, sent a petition to New Hampshire's General Assembly. The slaves from Portsmouth asked lawmakers to free them and make sure "that the Name of Slave may not more be heard in a Land gloriously contending for the Sweets of Freedom." The legislature held a hearing but decided to postpone any action until "a more convenient opportunity."[1]

Fuller Clark said, "It’s more to really honor the request of those petitioners, and not . . . to leave it unresolved." She continued, "It’s a gesture of goodwill that we should all be proud to support in the 21st century."[1]


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