Oversight Committee on Residual Contamination of Drug Properties, Arizona State Legislature

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The Oversight Committee on Residual Contamination of Drug Properties Committee is a standing committee of the Arizona Legislature.

Committees of the Arizona State Legislature are governed by the Arizona Revised Statutes. Committees may be chosen by each chamber's presiding officer or have specific members as outlined in the statutes.[1]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Arizona Revised Statutes


This committee serves the following functions:[2]

  • review and forward to the State Board of Technical Registration the best practices and standards submitted by the Attorney General for the remediation of residual contamination found on real property from the manufacture of, or the storage of chemicals or equipment used in manufacturing methamphetamine, Ecstasy or LSD, and
  • study and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness of the clandestine drug laboratory clean-up program.


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As of April 2013, Rep. John Kavanagh (R) is the only legislative member of the committee.


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