PG&E spending on Proposition 16 tops $46 million

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May 29, 2010

SACRAMENTO, California: With a little less than two weeks before the June 8, 2010 election, Pacific Gas & Electric has given $46.1 million to the campaign to pass Proposition 16.[1]

PG&E's latest contributions were $2 million on May 24 and $6.5 million on May 21.[2]

Campaign spending on Proposition 16 tops that of the other 4 measures on the June 8 ballot. The proposition with the second-most spending on it is Proposition 17, where approximately $15 million has been donated.

If Proposition 16 is approved by voters, it will take a two-thirds vote of the electorate before a public agency could enter the retail power business. This will make it more difficult than it is currently for local entities to form either municipal utilities, or community wide clean electricity districts called Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs). Forming a local municipal utility or a CCA, if this measure is enacted, will require the approval, through election, of 2/3rds of the voters who live in the area of the would-be local municipal utility or CCA.[3]

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