PPIC releases polling data on four key California propositions

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October 21, 2010

On October 20, the Public Policy Institute of California released a poll of 2,002 likely voters taken between October 10-17. The poll indicated that none of four of California's most notable 2010 ballot propositions has crossed the magic threshold of 50% needed to win. For 3 of the measures, more likely voters said they'd be voting "no" than "yes." The only exception to voter negativity was Proposition 25, which enjoys a 15 point lead in the polls while still coming in under the 50% mark due to voter indecision.[1]

Proposition In favor Against Undecided
Proposition 19 (Marijuana) 44 49 7
Proposition 23 (Global Warming/Unemployment) 37 48 15
Proposition 24 (Corporate tax break repeal) 31 38 31
Proposition 25 (Votes needed to pass budget) 49 34 17

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