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Patrick Carty recall, Detroit, Oregon (2011)

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A vote about whether to recall Patrick Carty from his elected position as a member of the Detroit, Oregon city council took place on September 20, 2011.[1] Carty was recalled from his position.[2] Detroit has a seven-person city council. In October 2011, James Bradley was also recalled from the Detroit city council.

Reasons for recall

Former mayor and council member Jeanette Hartwell was the recall campaign's chief petitioner.[3] The petitioner's statement read: "Citizens of the City of Detroit seek the recall of City Councilor Patrick Carty due to consistent unprofessional behavior leading to the breakdown of City government. Mr. Carty provides an extremely negative perspective and is hostile and volatile in his role as City Councilor. Citizens interested in advancing any positive public policy issues, advancing the local economy or needing to interact with Mr. Carty are consistently unable to connect or reach Mr. Carty to make any progress. Mr. Carty is part of a leadership team that consistently meets in private, secret meetings to conduct city business without any oversight or input from local citizens or businesses."[1]

Carty's response

Carty's official statement of justification read: "After resigning and walking off the job citizens elected her to perform, City Council voted four to two to accept her resignation and appoint a Mayor who could handle the job effectively. Her allegations are false and defamatory. Fact: I have served the citizens of Detroit for over 30 years promoting business, local jobs, and tourism. Fact: I have attended every scheduled City Council session and voted for the interest of all citizens on every measure. Fact: My home phone and address are listed in the phone book. I respond appropriately to every call and message from City Hall. Fact: There is no leadership team on City Council; each member has an independent, equal vote, has never met in private or secret meetings. Executive Sessions are required and publicly noticed. They involve legal options presented by the city attorney regarding choices council must make in the public interest. No votes are taken, all motions are made in public session and are voted on the public record with public oversight and input. This allegation is false. Every responsible councilor knows it from the time they take their oath of office. Vote No, keep responsible councilors voting in your best interests."[1]

Election results

  • Votes to recall Patrick Carty: 51 Approveda
  • Votes to retain Patrick Carty: 24

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