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Paul Brainerd is a founding member of Social Venture Partners, described as an effort to encourage professionals to give back to their communities, as well as originating Conservation Strategies, a nonprofit group which has the goal of "build(ing) political capacity within the conservation community in the Northwest. Its goal is to create a pro-conservation majority in key local, state and federal governing bodies."[1]

Brainerd is an active donor to Democratic Party campaigns, giving $5,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2007, as well as to individual Democratic candidates such as Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray, Jim McDermott and others.[2]

Donations to Oregon ballot campaigns

As of mid-August 2007, Brainerd, a resident of Seattle, Washington, has donated $50,000 to Oregon Ballot Measure 49.

Donations to Washington ballot campaigns

In 2006, Brainerd donated $150,000 to the campaign to defeat Washington I-933. Also in 2006, Brainerd donated $20,000 in support of Washington I-937.

Altogether, according to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission, since 1998 Brainerd has donated $191,000 to various ballot initiative campaigns in Washington, pro or con.[3]

Donations to Idaho ballot campaigns

In 2006, Brainerd donated $20,000 to the campaign to defeat Idaho Protect Our Homes, an eminent domain reform measure supported by Americans for Limited Government.[4]

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