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Pendergrass City Council recall, Georgia, 2009

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A recall campaign against the Pendergrass City Council was filed on September 28, 2009. Targeted members included: Mayor Monk Tolbert, Judy Stowe, Hilda Gee, Thomas Marlow, John Pethel and Judy Stowe. The recall argued that the city council violated the oath of office and misused public funds. A judge, however, ruled that there was insufficient grounds for a recall election of city council members, so the recall campaign did not proceed to the stage of a recall election.

According to the recall petition, "The Citizens of Pendergrass have lost faith in the elected government officers of Pendergrass because of the failure of the officials to act in the best interest of the citizens of Pendergrass."

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The city council challenged the legal grounds of the recall.[1]

On October 16, 2009, Superior Court Judge John Ott said that there were insufficient grounds for a recall election of Pendergrass City Council.[2]

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