Pennsylvania Supreme Court denies third party candidate

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November 11, 2009

BERKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania: A year ago, Dennis Baylor began his campaign to run for the Pennsylvania State Senate as an independent. After losing to incumbent James Rhoades, Baylor decided that he should run again in a March special election under the No-Party Party of Pennsylvania. He had gathered enough signatures to appear on the November ballot, but was told that the had to start the signature gathering process all over again. The independent then filed a lawsuit, stating that state election code was “unconstitutionally burdensome toward minor party candidates seeking ballot access”.[1]

However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied his subsequent appeal. Justice J. Michael Eakin later stated that the third party candidate had “viable claims” in stating his complaints about ballot access laws. Baylor filed a petition on October 28, 2009 for reconsideration of his case.

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