Peter Arth and Mario Rubino recall, Dunsmuir, California (2010)

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A vote about whether to recall Peter Arth and Mario Rubino from their positions as members of the Dunsmuir City Council in Dunsmuir, California was on the November 2, 2010 ballot for voters in the City of Dunsmuir in Siskiyou County. Arth and Rubino were both recalled.

The recall effort began in May 2010.[1] Arth had been serving as the city's mayor and Rubino as the city's vice-mayor. Their terms would have expired in 2012 if they had not been recalled.

Nick Mitchell, Arlis Steele, Sandy Raine, Diane Dolf and Maralee Woffard formed the committee to recall Arth and Rubino. The petition to recall Arth said that those in favor of the recall believe he mismanaged the city's water and sewer rate increase process, and that his proposal to grow marijuana in the city's downtown historic district was an ethical violation of his position.[1] With regard to Rubino, recall organizers said, "Mario (Rubino) is volatile, he speaks out of context, and he is not a good representative of the people."[1]

A group called "Citizens for a Better Dunsmuir" coordinated both recall efforts.[2]

Arlis Steele and Nick Mitchell were elected to the seats that became vacant when the recall votes were successful.

Election results

Arth recall

  • Votes in favor of recalling Arth: 408 Approveda
  • Votes opposed to recalling Arth: 327

Arth replacement

  • Arlis O. Steele: 393 (63.08%) Approveda
  • Justin Lowenthal: 200 (32.1%)

Rubino recall

  • Votes in favor of recalling Rubino: 397 Approveda
  • Votes opposed to recalling Rubino: 336

Rubino replacement

  • Nick Mitchell: 444 (85.71%) Approveda
  • Write-in votes: 74 (14.29%)

November 2 candidates

There are 5 seats on the Dunsmuir City Council. All 5 seats were up for election on November 2. Ordinarily, only the 3 seats currently held by Ed Steele, Helen Cartwright (who recently resigned from the board) and Cheri DuPertuis would have been up for election on November 2. However, the success of the petition drives to force a recall vote on Arth and Rubino meant that all 5 seats were up for grabs.

Candidates included:

  • Nick Mitchell ran for the seat that became vacant when Mario Rubino was recalled.[3]

Peter Arth

Arth moved to Dunsmuir when he retired after a 35-year stint as an attorney for the California Public Utilities Commission. He purchased the Dunsmuir Mercantile Company in Dunsmuir and was elected to serve on the city council in 2008.[4]

Arth was given the nickname "Mayor Juana" because of his "flamboyant advocacy of medical marijuana."[5]

Path to the ballot

283 valid signatures were required on each recall petition.[1]

452 signatures to recall Arth and 417 signatures to recall Rubino were submitted to Siskiyou Cunty Clerk Colleen Setzer.[6]

Setzer announced on July 1 that after scrutinizing the signatures that had been submitted for each recall target, there were more than the required 283 valid signatures. As a result, a recall election will was held.[7]

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