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Red padlock.png = A deadline that has passed. Some states have more than one deadline, with differing deadlines depending on the type of ballot measure or because there are multiple stages in the petition submission process.

Status as of September 10

As of September 10, all 2010 petition drive deadlines have passed.

State Filing deadline for 2010 ballot Signatures for amendment Signatures for statute
Alaska January 15 Red padlock.png NA 32,734
Arizona July 1 Red padlock.png 230,046 153,364
Arkansas July 2 Red padlock.png 77,468 61,974
California Early May Red padlock.png 694,354 433,971
Colorado August 2Red padlock.png 76,046 76,046
Florida February Red padlock.png 676,811 NA
Idaho April 30 Red padlock.png NA 51,712
Illinois May 3 Red padlock.png 278,934 NA
Maine February 1Red padlock.png NA 55,087
Massachusetts December 2, 2009 Red padlock.png, June 23 (counties) Red padlock.png, July 7 (state) Red padlock.png 67,315[1] 67,315[1]
Michigan May 26 Red padlock.png, July 5 Red padlock.png 382,129 305,703
Mississippi October 5, 2009 Red padlock.png 89,294 NA
Missouri May 2 Red padlock.png 154,000-230,022[2] 105,000-143,888[2]
Montana June 18 Red padlock.png 48,673 24,337
Nebraska July 2 Red padlock.png Approx. 117,000[3] Approx. 80,992[3]
Nevada June 15[4] Red padlock.png 97,002 97,002
North Dakota March 10 (Red padlock.png), August 4, 2010 (Red padlock.png) 25,659 12,829
Ohio December 23, 2009 (Red padlock.png), June 30 Red padlock.png 402,275 120,683 + 120,683
Oklahoma 90 days after circulation starts, or September 2010 Red padlock.png 219,400 117,013
Oregon July 2 Red padlock.png 110,358 82,769
South Dakota November 2, 2009 (Red padlock.png), April 6(Red padlock.png) 33,553 16,776
Utah April 15 Red padlock.png NA 94,652
Washington July 2 Red padlock.png NA 241,153
Wyoming February 8 Red padlock.png NA 38,406

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Additional signatures are required at a later date if the first deadline and signature verification process succeeds
  2. 2.0 2.1 In Missouri, the number of signatures is based on which 6 of the state's 9 congressional districts are chosen for qualification purposes
  3. 3.0 3.1 In Nebraska, the number of signatures is unknowable until the filing deadline because the number of required signatures is based on how many names are on the state's voter registration list as of the filing deadline
  4. In Nevada constitutional amendments must be submitted to county clerks/registrars by June 15, 2010.County clerks must then verify and submit the signatures to the secretary of state by no later than August 4, 2010. "Important 2010 Initiative Dates" can be found on the Nevada Secretary of State's website.