Pewaukee and Jackson City Police Contracting Referendum (2009)

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There was a petition drive to get the Pewaukee and Jackson City Police Contracting Referendum on a ballot in Jackson County.

In both the village of Jackson and the city of Pewaukee, city councils were looking to disband the local municipal police force and contract the work to an outside company. Police officers in both areas had started a petition of local voters to try and get a referendum vote. They both believed that the voters of the cities should have a say on the matter and they are not too keen on losing their jobs in the process. Legal officials were not sure this would be effective to stop the councils from contracting the work, they want to move on a decision now but it was unclear if a pending referendum petition would halt this decision. Both police groups were optimistic on the matter and were doing what they could to gain public support on the issue.[1]