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Phillip Andrews
Phillip Andrews.jpg
Candidate for
U.S. House, Texas, District 7
Bachelor'sUniversity of St. Thomas, 2004
Master'sUniversity of St. Thomas, 2009
Campaign website
Phillip Andrews was a 2012 Democratic candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 7th Congressional District of Texas. He formerly ran unsuccessfully for election to the Texas House of Representatives in 2010.


Andrews earned his B.A. in political science from the University of Saint Thomas in 2004. He went on to receive his MSA in Accounting from the University of Saint Thomas in 2009. Andrews is currently employed as an accountant and is CEO and President of Daugherty International as well. He is also a adjunct professor of accounting at Houston Community College.[1]


Campaign themes


Andrews campaign website listed the following issues:[2]

  • The Economy
Excerpt: "Free Trade continues to be the vital source of strength in the U.S. economy. It must be continued in a rational and careful manner that promotes new wealth for Americans and brings us back to first place in job creation. Restoring our middle class to a higher income level has to be a combined effort between Americans and business leaders."
  • Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Security
Excerpt: "Access to treatment for illness is a right deserved by all. Government health-care is not an entitlement but a charity to all people who would otherwise be severely ill. Social Security: The reason Social Security has problems, is that its money was taken and spent on other needs like war."
  • Education:
Excerpt: "Education is the foundation that elevates anyone into a more successful existence. It is the number one domestic program that deserves our greatest attention."
  • Term Limits
Excerpt: "Term limits should be instituted across every position of elected office in effort of eliminating corruption and developing the concept of citizen servant. My belief is that a U.S. Representative should have no greater than 6 terms. I am limiting myself to 3 terms in humble effort to create a precedent in Congressional District 7."
  • LGBT Rights
Excerpt: "This must be the greatest civil rights issue of our time directly challenging another aspect of human equality. I fully support the civil rights desired by the LGBT community. I base this support on my belief in the equality of all men and women, and the protection of human dignity."


Andrews outlined his positions across numerous issues on his campaign site, a selection of which are highlighted below:

  • Religion and Public Education
Excerpt: "House Bill 3678 by Your Republican State Representative Charlie Howard of House District 26. Allowing for the freedom of religious evangelization in public schools. Signed into law by Governor Rick Perry on 6/8/07...This policy has a negative impact toward the spiritual health of our youth as religious organizations will have unlimited protections in sharing faith with others. This law will make the administration of public schools frightened to punish students that enagage others about faith. It also allows for the development of public forums, so that a religious group can share their views with others...There is great wisdom behind the American Principle of Separation of Church and State, and I am here to uphold it. I am tired of people destroying the liberties that our ancestors obtained for us through sacrificing their lives.[3]
Charlie Howard and the religious right of the Republican Party have approved a bill to allow public schools to teach Bible Courses. This is no exaggeration, House Bill 1287 of legislative session 80(R) during 2007 authorizes this policy. Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 1287 into law on 6/15/07 and it has been implemented in the fall of 2009. This bill in combination with House Bill 3678 by Charlie Howard allows for religious evangelization of our children. I am directly opposed to this. I am also opposed to the spending of our tax dollars to pay teachers to do this."[4]
  • Education
Excerpt: "I believe quality public education is essential to American democracy and economic opportunity, recognizing that a free public education provides all Texans a real opportunity to achieve their potential. All children should be able to attend a safe, secure school and have access to an exemplary educational program that meets their needs and abilities. All school districts must be adequately and 100% equitably funded.
  • Economics
Excerpt: "Our economic security depends on developing the full potential of entrepreneurs and workers to create a prosperous economy and a good quality of life for all Texans. Small businesses are the innovative, job-creating engines of our economy and need to be nurtured. Jobs should offer dignity and a decent living instead of a lifetime shadowed by insecurity or poverty.
  • Healthcare
Excerpt: "I believe health care is a right, not a privilege reserved for those able to pay for it. Every family deserves health care they can count on and a health care system that puts the health of the people first. Our health care system is failing the American people, and in Texas, it is failing even worse than in the rest of the country. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured among all 50 states, with over 1.4 million Texas children without insurance. Even those fortunate enough to have good insurance spend too much for it. The result: Americans pay more for health care than citizens of any other industrialized country. Fewer Texans are receiving health insurance through their employers, and those who do have employer-provided health plans are paying higher out-of-pocket expenses for health care."[5]
  • Social Security & Retirement
Excerpt:"I believe we must keep the promise of Social Security strong and certain for those who have worked and contributed to the system. Social Security should continue to be the foundation of income security for working Americans. I believe all Americans should have access to the Social Security system, including public employees. Private savings accounts and other pension programs should be additions to the guaranteed Social Security benefit, not a substitute for any portion of it. I oppose privatization of the Social Security program as fiscally irresponsible, and consider the use of our tax dollars as capital to invest in the stock market as a threat to the income security of working Americans. I oppose Republican federal budget plans to spend down and undermine the Social Security Trust Fund, including proposals to carve out private savings accounts, which would drain trillions of dollars from the Social Security system. I also oppose the closing of small town Social Security offices, which would force many beneficiaries to travel as far as 200 to 250 miles for a face to face meeting.
  • Privatization
Excerpt:"Under Republicans rule, Texas entered into an $899 million health and human services contract with a Bermuda-based private contractor, Accenture. This privatization experiment disrupted the lives of vulnerable residents while padding the pockets of private contractors at taxpayer expense, dismantling the state social services infrastructure and failing miserably to save tax dollars or provide services more efficiently. I support hiring state workers at adequate levels to ensure timely and accurate processing of applications rather wasting money on private contracts."[6]
  • Environment
Every Texan has the right to breathe clean air and drink pure water, a right that is essential to public health, our economy, and our planet’s environment. I believe Texas can protect the environment while protecting and creating good jobs, and we support efforts to require Texas to meet all standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Texas should do what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scientists say is necessary; by 2020, we must reduce global warming pollution at least 25% below 1990 levels, or as science dictates.

Political Courage Test

Andrews provided answers to the 2010 Political Courage Test, a selection of which are provided below. The full test can be accessed here.

  • Abortion and reproductive issues
  • Budget, spending and tax issues
  • Campaign finance and government reform issues
  • Crime and public safety issues
  • Economic issues
  • Education issues
  • Environment and energy issues
  • Gun issues
  • Health issues
  • Social issues

The full test can be accessed here.



See also: Texas' 7th Congressional District elections, 2012

Andrews ran in the 2012 election for the U.S. House to represent Texas' 7th District. He was defeated by James Cargas and Lissa Squiers in the Democratic primary on May 29, 2012.[7][8]


See also: Texas House of Representatives elections, 2010

Andrews ran for election to the 26th District seat in 2010. He had no opposition in the March 2nd primary. He was defeated by Republican incumbent Charlie Howard in the general election on November 2, 2010.[9]

Texas House of Representatives, District 26
2010 General election results
Candidates Votes Percent
Green check mark transparent.png Charlie Howard (R) 29,721 64.62%
Phillip Andrews (D) 15,344 33.36%
Joey Roland (L) 922 2%

Campaign donors


As of April 3, 2010, Andrews has raised $250 for his 2010 election campaign.[10] For updated figures, check the Texas Ethics Commission Filings.

His only contributor in 2010 is:

Donor Amount
Shaw, Kathy $250


Andrews has a wife, Diana.[1]

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