Planes, trains or snowmobiles: My speedbump to Maine begs questions

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October 18, 2009

687px-Flag of Maine.svg.png
The excitement I had to get to Maine today was disappointingly buried in a steady, white precipitation. After battling poorly given directions in Philadelphia, merciless traffic in New York City and slippery roads in Rhode Island, I finally met my match in the form of a rough snowfall in Massachusetts. Something told me to keep plugging ahead, but that was quickly defeated when my car skidded for a long two or three seconds. Portland will have to wait for the night. Hello Boston…for now.

This dilemma, though, does beg some interesting questions. If the winter like atmosphere persists, how much of an impact would that make on the campaigns for and against Questions 3 and 5? Will we see more of an emphasis placed on the internet? More importantly, how will this case of “winter-come-early” affect voters who are unfamiliar with these ballot measures? For example, according to Skip Greenlaw, supporter of Question 3, many school districts that would be consolidated if the measure fails are located in some of the states’ poorest counties. Do some of those families in those counties have access to the internet so they could make an informed vote? Looks like we have to see what Mother Nature and her quirks have in store for the campaign leaders, the voters, and my car and me.

I think I’ll look for a bowl of clam chowder to keep me warm in the meantime, compliments of Beantown.


  • You should have seen: The vast differences in road conditions from state to state. It made for an even more interesting drive.

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