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Elections 2015:

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Nevada elections, 2015Alaska elections, 2015Hawaii elections, 2015Arizona elections, 2015Utah elections, 2015New Mexico elections, 2015Colorado elections, 2015Wyoming elections, 2015California elections, 2015Oregon elections, 2015Washington elections, 2015Idaho elections, 2015Montana elections, 2015North Dakota elections, 2015South Dakota elections, 2015Nebraska elections, 2015Kansas elections, 2015Oklahoma elections, 2015Texas elections, 2015Minnesota elections, 2015Iowa elections, 2015Missouri elections, 2015Arkansas elections, 2015Louisiana elections, 2015Mississippi elections, 2015Alabama elections, 2015Wisconsin elections, 2015Illinois elections, 2015Tennessee elections, 2015Kentucky elections, 2015Indiana elections, 2015Michigan elections, 2015Ohio elections, 2015Georgia elections, 2015Florida elections, 2015South Carolina elections, 2015North Carolina elections, 2015Virginia elections, 2015West Virginia elections, 2015Pennsylvania elections, 2015New York elections, 2015Vermont elections, 2015New Hampshire elections, 2015Massachusetts elections, 2015Rhode Island elections, 2015Connecticut elections, 2015New Jersey elections, 2015Delaware elections, 2015Maryland elections, 2015Maine elections, 2015US map.png

Elections 2014: What were the big questions?

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2014 Election Information

Links to all election results, 2014

Washington elections, 2014Oregon elections, 2014California elections, 2014Alaska elections, 2014Hawaii elections, 2014Nevada elections, 2014Idaho elections, 2014Utah elections, 2014Arizona elections, 2014New Mexico elections, 2014Colorado elections, 2014Wyoming elections, 2014Montana elections, 2014North Dakota elections, 2014South Dakota elections, 2014Nebraska elections, 2014Kansas elections, 2014Oklahoma elections, 2014Texas elections, 2014Louisiana elections, 2014Arkansas elections, 2014Missouri elections, 2014Iowa elections, 2014Minnesota elections, 2014Wisconsin elections, 2014Illinois elections, 2014Michigan elections, 2014Michigan elections, 2014Indiana elections, 2014Kentucky elections, 2014Tennessee elections, 2014Mississippi elections, 2014Alabama elections, 2014Florida elections, 2014Georgia elections, 2014South Carolina elections, 2014North Carolina elections, 2014Virginia elections, 2014West Virginia elections, 2014Ohio elections, 2014Pennsylvania elections, 2014Maryland elections, 2014Maryland elections, 2014Delaware elections, 2014Delaware elections, 2014Connecticut elections, 2014New Jersey elections, 2014New Jersey elections, 2014New York elections, 2014Vermont elections, 2014New Hampshire elections, 2014Rhode Island elections, 2014Massachusetts elections, 2014Maine elections, 2014Connecticut elections, 2014Rhode Island elections, 2014Massachusetts elections, 2014New Hampshire elections, 2014Vermont elections, 2014#March#April#May#June#July#August#September#November2014 primary dates map.png
All 50 states held elections in 2014.
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Dates above represent primary elections.