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The Post-Party Summits are a series of seven meetings in seven states designed to train and inspire Tea Party activists. The first training is in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on April 23-24, 2010 and the last of the trainings is in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 7-8, 2010.

The Post-Party Summits are sponsored by American Majority, Smart Girl Politics, the John Hancock Committee for the States and Redstate.

Trainings will be held in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Drew Ryun, one of the leaders of the Post-Party Summits, says, "We want to give folks the tools they need to go home and win: win in the political trenches, win in the messaging arena and win online."

Erick Erickson, a well-known blogger and CNN pundit, says, It is not enough for conservatives to stand on the sidelines and complain about government and the loss of freedom. To change government, we must get involved and be part of the process. That’s why I’m excited about this. We will help conservatives understand and use the tools needed to fight for freedom successfully."

Trainers and speakers

Speakers at the Post-Party Summits include S.E. Cupp, Erick Erickson, Steven Crowder, Dana Loesch, Ned Ryun, Denis Calabrese, Drew Ryun.

Trainers include Anita MonCrief, Trent Seibert, Angela and Chris Faulkner, Austin James, Jim Scarantino, Evan Peterson and Matt Robbins.


Date City
April 23-24 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 1 Jacksonville, Florida
April 30 – May 1 Denver, Colorado
April 30 – May 1 Indianapolis, Indiana
May 7-8 Boston, Massachusetts
May 7-8 Kansas City, Missouri
May 7-8 Charlotte, North Carolina

Training specifics


  • Creative Leadership
  • Micro-targeting Precincts
  • Building Effective Coalitions
  • Media Training


  • Online Image Management
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Patriots 2.0
  • Creative Messaging


  • Running for Office
  • Fundraising 101
  • Media Coaching: TV and Radio
  • Voter Registrations
  • Women in Politics

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