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September 28, 2011


Harrisburg, PA: Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are one step closer to passing a bill that would allow the commonwealth to take over Harrisburg and any other city in the Keystone state that is in financial distress and does not implement a state-sponsored recovery plan.

Senate Bill 1151, introduced by Senator Jeffrey Piccola, is intended to be a compromise between Mayor Linda Thompson and the Harrisburg City Council. The council has rejected both the Act 47 plan and Thompson's follow-up plan for financial recovery. Earlier this week, Thompson made one last appeal for the council members to support her plan.

In the meantime, the state house has passed an amended version of the legislation that gives Gov. Tom Corbett authority to assume control over many of the capital city government's central functions, including "public safety, general obligation debt service payments, payroll services, sewer and water operations and other services that protect the health and safety of residents."[1] The state senate is expected to take its final vote on the bill when it reconvenes the week of October 17th.


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