Pre-election campaign contributions top $40 million for 2011 ballot measures

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October 24, 2011

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By Al Ortiz

Campaign contributions and expenditures have seen a good amount of activity for an "off-numbered" year. For 2011 ballot measures, the total amount of pre-election contributions have totaled to approximately $43,706,549 based off of official documents obtained from state elections officials' websites. Among the 34 ballot measures on 9 statewide ballots this year, only 11 have so far seen campaign finance activity.

In Ballotpedia's analysis of 2011 pre-election ballot measure campaign contributions, it was found that among states with 2011 proposals, Washington saw the most money donated with a total of more than $37 million. The least amount of contributions this year as of October 2011 came from Mississippi with about $65,000 contributed so far. However, that number will change as soon as reports are made public after the election.

Also included in the analysis was a state overview of contributions made from both supporters and opponents of proposals, ballot measure rankings from most to least contributions, and rankings of political topic contributions. The political category of alcohol saw the most donations with $34,412,103. All contributions for that topic came from Washington's Initiative 1183.

Quick statistics

The following is a short rundown of pre-election campaign contribution findings:


  • Highest statewide contributions: Washington ($37,540,879.09)
  • Lowest statewide contributions: Mississippi ($65,759.84)


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