Preble County Additional Levies (November 2009)

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There were 7 Proposed Additional Levies on the November 3 ballot in Preble County.

The following list gives a brief summary of the 7 proposed levy additions including the place the levy would be added, how much the addition would be and what the money would be used towards:

Village of Gratis

Defeatedd Village of Gratis, $.3 tax for police protection. YES 44.6% NO 55.3%

Village of New Paris

Approveda Village of New Paris, $.2 tax to supplement current expenses. YES 67.5% NO 32.4%

Village of Verona

Approveda Village of Verona, $.1 tax funding further police protection. YES 59.6% NO 40.3%

Lanier Township

Defeatedd Lanier Township, $0.5 tax going towards maintaining and operating cemeteries. YES 43.4% NO 56.5%

Washington Township

Approveda Washington Township, additional $.1 tax to go towards fire protection. YES 71.3% NO 28.6%

Camden-Somers Township

Approveda Camden-Somers Township Joint Fire District, additional $.2 tax to help pay for fire protection and emergency services. YES 50.6% NO 49.3%

Gasper Township

Approveda Gasper Township, (includes Gasper 2 & 3 Precincts) additional $1.3 tax to help fund police protection.[1] YES 50.6% NO 49.3%[2]

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