Princess Anne residents to study voter eligibility

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August 12, 2009

PRINCESS ANNE, Maryland: In June 2009, many area residents believed that they were eligible to vote, thus allowing them to sign a petition calling for a ballot referendum to challenge the town's $2.2 million operating budget. However, 54 residents were deemed ineligible to vote, resulting in the failure of the petition drive.

One resident wasn't eligible due to an address change, and another simply wasn't registered. Now a citizens group organizing a review of voter eligibilty and requirements to become eligible. The group is also putting together a voter registration drive to get ineligible voters on the voter rolls.[1]

According to resident Bernie Cottman, who was one of the 54 ineligible voters: "I never registered to vote at the Board of Elections, but when I renewed my drivers license, I was asked if I wanted to register to vote, and I said, 'yes.' I haven't voted, but I didn't know they would knock my name out after two (federal election) years."


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