Projected outcomes of state senate elections, 2010

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2010 State senate elections
Parties with candidates
Impact of term limits
Successful challengers
Defeated incumbents
State house elections
State senate elections
State legislative elections
        Projected outcomes of state house electionsProjected outcomes of state legislative electionsNovember 2, 2010 election results

2010 State Senate Races

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Before election: 28

Predicted after election: 21

Before election: 20

Predicted after election: 22
15 Safe or Not Up 3 3 6 2 4 16 Safe or Not Up

Since one state senate is nonpartisan, a political party is defined as having the majority of state senates if it has at least 25.

The Democratic Party needs to win all the safe, likely and leans Democratic, and 3 of the toss-up states, to get to 25.

The Republican Party needs to win all the safe, likely and leans Republican, and 5 of the toss-up states, to get to 25.

Safe D Likely Dem. Leans Dem. Toss Up Leans GOP Likely GOP Safe R
Arkansas (D)
California (D)
Connecticut (D)
Delaware (D)
Hawaii (D)
Maryland (D)
Massachusetts (D)
Rhode Island (D)
Vermont (D)
West Virginia (D)
Not up:
New Jersey
New Mexico
Illinois (D)
Minnesota (D)
Nevada (D)
Colorado (D)
Oregon (D)
Washington (D)
Alabama (D)
Maine (D)
New Hampshire (D)
New York (D)
North Carolina (D)
Wisconsin (D)
Possible R Pick-ups:
Alaska (Split)[1]
Iowa (D)
Kentucky (R)
Michigan: (R)
Montana (R)
Tennessee: (R)
Arizona (R)
Florida (R)
Georgia (R)
Idaho (R)
Indiana (R)
Missouri (R)
North Dakota (R)
Ohio (R)
Oklahoma (R)
Pennsylvania (R)
South Dakota: (R)
Texas (R)
Utah (R)
Wyoming (R)
Not up:
South Carolina
Partisan dominance in state senates
heading into the 2010 state legislative elections
Nevada State SenateMassachusetts State SenateColorado State SenateNew Mexico State SenateWyoming State SenateArizona State SenateMontana State SenateCalifornia State SenateOregon State SenateWashington State SenateIdaho State SenateTexas State SenateOklahoma State SenateKansas State SenateSouth Dakota State SenateNorth Dakota State SenateMinnesota State SenateIowa State SenateMissouri State SenateArkansas State SenateLouisiana State SenateMississippi State SenateAlabama State SenateGeorgia State SenateFlorida State SenateSouth Carolina State SenateIllinois State SenateWisconsin State AssemblyTennessee State SenateNorth Carolina State SenateIndiana State SenateOhio State SenateKentucky State SenatePennsylvania State SenateNew Jersey State SenateNew York State SenateVermont State SenateVermont State SenateNew Hampshire State SenateMaine State SenateWest Virginia State SenateVirginia State SenateNebraska State Senate (Unicameral)Maryland State SenateMaryland State SenateConnecticut State SenateConnecticut State SenateDelaware State SenateDelaware State SenateRhode Island State SenateRhode Island State SenateMassachusetts State SenateNew Hampshire State SenateMichigan State SenateMichigan State SenateAlaska State SenateSenates Combined 2010.png

  1. The Alaska State Senate is split evenly at 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans