Proposed Florida amendment would require 10 years of practice to qualify for judgeships

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December 21, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Judicial eligibility requirements may be undergoing a few changes in Florida. In early December lawmakers filed legislation for the 2012 statewide ballot to increase increase the period of time that a person must be a member of The Florida Bar from five to 10 years in order to be eligible for county and circuit court judgeships, much like the eligibility requirements for appellate judges.[1]

According to reports, Sen. Jeremy Ring was inspired to file the proposed legislation following what has been described as "unwieldy" 2010 judicial primary election in Broward County. A total of 42 candidates competed for 20 races. Ring filed Senate Joint Resolution 140 on November 23, 2010. In the House Rep. Ari Porth filed House Joint Resolution 47 on December 7, 2010.[2]

In order to qualify for the 2012 statewide ballot the proposed amendment requires approval by a minimum of 60% in the both the House and the Senate.

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