Proposed Georgia amendment would allow state to create charter schools

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February 23, 2012


ATLANTA, Georgia: A proposed constitutional amendment has been approved in the Georgia House of Representatives which would allow the state to create charter schools even if local school boards did not want them. The bill now faces a challenge in the Senate, but the bill's sponsor Jan Jones hopes the Senate will approve it for inclusion on the November ballot for residents to vote on. The bill was proposed after a Supreme Court ruling which outlawed the Georgia Charter Schools Commission, stating that it was illegally creating charter schools when districts objected to the new schools. The new law would clarify the state constitution and allow for charter schools to be created over any objections. Opponents to the bill have stated that it does not make sense for the state to force new schools on districts when money is being cut from educational services and losses of property tax revenues make it harder to pay for schools already in service. Groups across the state which represent teachers, superintendents and school boards have given their disapproval towards the proposed bill.[1]

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