Proposed Oklahoma performance audit amendment may be on November 2012 ballot

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December 13, 2011


TULSA, Oklahoma: A proposal made in the Oklahoma Legislature by State Auditor Gary Jones seeks to allow independent audits be made by a new performance audits division which would implement a series of performance audits of the various state government entities throughout the year. This proposal is a part of the government modernization effort in the House. If the proposal is accepted by the state Legislature, it would be placed on the November 2012 ballot for Oklahomans to vote on and would amend the state constitution. Jones noted that it is important for the proposal to be an amendment so that the audits would remain free of political interference. The State Auditor is allowed to perform audits currently but only by request of the governor, the Legislature or the head of an agency, which does not happen often. This proposal would allow the Auditor to perform audits at their own discretion without approval beforehand and would also set up funding for the audits. The goal of the audits would be to ensure that money is being spent where it is supposed to be and ensure money is being saved where needed.[1]

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