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Protect Colorado's Future (PCF) is an organization funded by labor unions that is heavily involved in ballot initiative activism in Colorado. Jess Knox is the organization's executive director.

In 2008, the group:

The same petition drive management company, Fieldworks, is collecting signatures for the initiatives sponsored by PCF.[2]

Donors to PCF

According to campaign finance records filed with the Colorado Secretary of State, the largest donors to PCF are:

Is PCF hypocritical?

Petition circulator

Online website Face the State published an investigative report on July 31 which asserts that PCF's allegations against other Colorado ballot initiatives amount to "casting stones in a glass house" because the circulators PCF is using for its ballot initiatives are breaking Colorado's laws by failing to comply with identification requirements.[6]

  • "Armed with petitions to protect racial preferences, raise taxes and institute new employer mandates, two FieldWorks staffers (pictured at left) solicited voters entering and exiting the building, but failed to wear identification clearly identifying them as paid circulators."

PCF Consultants

One of the consultants to PCF is Gail Tuzzulo of Nevada. Tuzzolo, who also sits on the national board of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, has been paid over $15,000 as a consultant.[7]

PCF's "mudslinger" ad

In mid-July, PCF began running what the Denver affiliate of CBS (CBS4Denver) refers to as a "mudslinger" ad that attacks the backers of Amendment 47, Amendment 49 and Amendment 54.

In the CBS report on the ad, they:

  • Say that, "Instead of arguing the merits, this ad criticizes the signature-gathering effort used to get the measures onto the ballot."
  • Raise the issue of whether initiative sponsors should consider submitting those who collect signatures to a background criminal check. Doing so is not required under Colorado law, but it would be a higher standard for petition companies to follow.[8]

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