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Protest vote

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A protest vote is defined as "a ballot cast for a candidate with a minimal chance of winning, to register dislike for the other candidates."[1][2]

Several way to cast a protest votes

A protest vote can be formulated in several ways:[2]

  • A voter could vote for a minority or third party candidate that has a minimal chance of winning the election.
  • A voter could submit a blank ballot paper without choosing a candidate on the ballot.
  • A voter could "spoil" the ballot, which means a vote is considered invalid and is not included in the final vote count.
  • A voter could choose a "None of the Above," or "Blank vote" option, if one exists on the ballot.

In addition, sometimes, a voter may even use uncommon, and often illegal, methods to show their displeasure. For example, a voter could include ripping the ballot apart, asking other people to vote for them, sell their vote (putting the vote on an auction site) or even eating the ballot.[3][4][5][6]

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