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Public employee salary information is provided by some state government transparency websites (see state public employee salary resources below.) Some states do not provide salary information. Although the state itself may not provide employee information, some private organizations make this information available, including newspapers and think tanks. For example, the Asbury Park Press provides employee data for New Jersey.[1]


See also: State government salary

State government workforce

Below is 2011 state employment and payroll data from the Census Bureau's 2011 Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll.[2] (For 2007 workforce data, read Public employee workforce, 2007.) The data below represent the full-time equivalent employees employed by the state government. "Full time equivalent" or FTE indicates that part time employees are counted by the percent of full time they work. For instance, one half-time employee would count as .5 FTE. This allows for two half-time employees in one state to be shown as equivalent to one full-time employee in another.

It is separated by state and government function:

Police and Fire Corrections Highways Public Welfare Health and Hospitals Education All Other Total Total Per 1000 Population[3]
Alabama 1,604 5,456 4,717 4,366 18,337 41,455 13,833 89,768 18.62
Alaska 673 1,932 3,128 1,890 956 8,951 9,217 26,747 36.57
Arizona 1,910 10,113 2,736 4,817 3,036 33,260 12,914 68,786 10.50
Arkansas 1,228 5,392 3,449 4,010 10,833 26,533 11,117 62,562 21.21
California 11,564 60,007 20,310 3,511 56,339 162,571 93,019 407,321 10.71
Colorado 1,507 7,516 3,018 2,136 6,582 38,901 12,453 72,113 13.90
Connecticut 1,865 7,081 2,944 5,739 10,513 20,686 13,262 62,090 17.29
Delaware 1,000 2,899 1,541 1,595 3,664 8,476 7,040 26,215 28.58
District of Columbia 6,401 1,320 873 1,985 2,109 8,760 21,099 42,547 67.29
Florida 4,287 30,382 7,430 10,082 24,028 58,952 49,076 184,237 9.54
Georgia 1,931 17,390 5,052 8,542 12,037 58,492 20,183 123,627 12.46
Hawaii - 2,300 839 439 6,525 37,499 10,540 58,142 41.76
Idaho 452 1,942 1,604 1,580 1,619 8,721 5,855 21,773 13.64
Illinois 3,544 11,693 6,820 9,072 13,482 64,104 22,438 131,153 10.19
Indiana 1,919 6,286 3,840 4,554 3,911 59,182 10,104 89,796 13.74
Iowa 977 3,084 2,284 2,823 8,354 23,903 8,953 50,378 16.39
Kansas 1,095 3,424 3,249 2,239 3,664 20,579 9,305 43,555 15.09
Kentucky 2,308 4,183 4,544 5,838 8,410 39,704 16,506 81,493 18.60
Louisiana 1,757 6,571 4,633 5,304 16,344 34,033 15,760 84,402 18.34
Maine 526 1,224 2,141 3,381 1,446 7,587 5,049 21,354 16.07
Maryland 2,278 12,328 4,526 6,430 10,086 30,059 21,007 86,714 14.74
Massachusetts 6,038 5,893 2,374 6,921 12,291 32,380 26,136 92,033 13.85
Michigan 2,365 14,451 2,598 10,365 20,578 76,367 18,197 144,921 14.66
Minnesota 1,029 4,201 4,668 2,845 7,256 40,908 18,765 79,672 14.81
Mississippi 1,179 3,174 3,346 2,922 15,389 21,028 10,618 57,656 19.32
Missouri 2,450 12,251 6,086 7,318 13,408 30,314 15,534 87,361 14.51
Montana 468 1,314 2,124 1,717 1,517 7,685 5,970 20,795 20.69
Nebraska 753 2,875 2,108 2,378 4,503 13,059 6,389 32,065 17.28
Nevada 993 3,523 1,781 1,684 2,810 10,046 7,284 28,121 10.19
New Hampshire 506 1,121 1,882 1,571 1,557 7,222 5,535 19,394 14.68
New Jersey 4,147 9,180 5,897 8,908 22,065 52,226 44,378 146,801 16.56
New Mexico 504 3,773 2,059 1,718 9,854 19,906 8,980 46,794 22.44
New York 6,140 31,800 11,463 4,717 52,849 56,200 80,478 243,647 12.45
North Carolina 3,422 21,175 10,984 1,265 22,815 68,447 26,256 154,364 15.83
North Dakota 186 772 1,096 529 2,296 9,310 4,403 18,592 26.57
Ohio 2,523 15,261 6,930 2,795 19,278 71,248 21,014 139,049 12.04
Oklahoma 1,885 4,864 2,956 6,298 7,178 32,088 13,070 68,339 17.91
Oregon 1,339 5,136 3,911 7,587 8,149 24,173 15,247 65,542 16.81
Pennsylvania 6,620 18,666 14,739 11,771 13,420 65,137 38,195 168,548 13.21
Rhode Island 304 1,538 752 1,266 1,739 6,819 6,482 18,900 17.99
South Carolina 1,930 7,458 4,629 4,926 12,757 32,430 13,212 77,342 16.37
South Dakota 322 852 982 1,057 1,640 5,836 3,769 14,458 17.35
Tennessee 1,706 6,953 4,009 7,798 13,038 36,874 15,837 86,215 13.35
Texas 6,603 43,403 13,403 23,049 55,359 136,912 39,641 318,370 12.22
Utah 814 3,068 1,602 2,862 8,792 27,586 8,777 53,501 18.74
Vermont 451 1,059 1,010 1,319 744 5,991 3,845 14,419 23.03
Virginia 2,934 13,929 7,028 2,779 20,063 58,331 19,866 124,930 15.26
Washington 2,242 9,072 7,344 9,393 15,406 56,692 20,987 121,136 17.56
West Virginia 1,030 3,427 5,196 3,367 2,559 14,841 9,462 39,882 21.49
Wisconsin 899 9,764 1,393 1,949 4,645 39,253 12,988 70,891 12.38
Wyoming 299 1,393 1,848 776 1,522 3,950 3,628 13,416 23.28
All States and District of Columbia 110,907 463,869 225,876 234,183 597,752 1,855,667 913,673 4,401,927 18.20

Salary impact on state budgets

State and local governments employ some 19.6 million people nationwide as of 2010.[4] Employee compensation costs represent the largest set of expenditures in every state budget. Total state and local government expenditures on salaries were $1.14 trillion in 2010 according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.[5]

In 2008 and 2009, public employee salaries grew about 3.1 percent annually for state and local government workers. In 2010, government worker salaries growth dropped to 1.4 percent growth.[6]


In December 2010, a spending freeze was placed on federal agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, and federal employee salaries.[7] provides information on Congressional staff salaries. Users can search by staffer name, Senator/Representative, committee, leadership office, administrative office, or state.[8]

Data Universe provides a database of federal government employee salaries, searchable by name, agency, job title, or location. The results show the adjusted base salary and any merit award. Employees involved in security work, the FBI, CIA, Defense Department, nuclear materials, IRS, and jobs essential to national security are excluded. The list contains most executive branch employees but does not cover the White House, Congress, the Postal Service, and independent agencies and commissions.[9]

The Federal Judicial Center has a list of federal judicial salaries dated from 1789.[10][11]

Federal Elected Officials

Position Annual Salary
President of the United States[12] $400,000
Vice President of the United States[13] $230,700
Speaker of the House[14] $223,500
President pro tempore of the Senate[14] $223,500
Senate Majority Leader[14] $193,400
Senate Minority Leader[14] $193,400
House Majority Leader[14] $193,400
House Minority Leader[14] $193,400
Senator[14] $174,000
Representative[14] $174,000


Public v. private sector

See also: Public v. private sector salaries

The gap for compensation between federal and private sector workers has doubled in the past 9 years, with Federal employees being awarded larger pay and benefits increases than the private sector.[15]

Federal employees earned on average, between pay and benefits such as health insurance and retirement benefits, $123,049 in 2009, while private workers made $61,051.[15] However, that pay differential is skewed due to the nature of federal jobs versus the more broad average of private sector jobs. Public sector jobs tend to require greater education and experience than private sector jobs. When jobs are compared based on comparable skills and comparing salaries only, the differential falls to $67,069 for federal jobs versus $60,046 for comparable jobs in the private sector according to 2008 analyses.[16]

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Federal employees earned $30,415 more than private sector jobs in 2000, but it has increased to $61,998 in 2009:[15] Federal pay has increased 33 percent faster than inflation since 2000. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report issued in November of 2010 comes to an opposite conclusion - that public sector comparable pay is now 2.1% behind private sector pay.[17]

In August of 2010, President Obama ordered a freeze on bonuses for 2,900 political appointees, and gave 1.4% across-the-board pay hike in 2011 for the rest of the Federal workforce, the smallest raise in more than a decade.[15]

Benefits and retirement burdens

States’ recent investment losses, which exceeded $800 billion in 2008, have worsened the budgetary pressures of pension obligations. For example, the state of Illinois was forced to borrow $3.5 billion to meet its pension obligations, thereby incurring tens of millions of dollars in additional debt service costs. Estimates peg the total unfunded liabilities of state and local pension plans between $1 trillion and $3 trillion.[18]

Unlike the private sector, state and local governments have largely adopted “defined benefit” pension plans. Under defined benefit plans, the employer and usually also the employee contribute to a pension fund, and the employee is entitled to a benefit determined by a formula. Typically, formulas are based on the employees final average salary and years of service multiplied by a benefit multiplier. For instance, if an employee retired after 30 years earning $65,000 per year with a pension multiplier of 2.5%, the employee's annual retirement benefit would be $48,750 (30*65,000*.025=48,750). If the investment fund does not grow as projected, the employer is solely responsible for increasing its contribution to ensure that retirees and future retirees will be able to receive the benefits to which they are entitled. In the private sector, defined contribution plans are more common. In defined contribution plans (like 401k plans), the employer and employee contribute a set amount, and if the invested funds do not grow as projected, the employer has no obligation to make up for the loss. In 2009, 84 percent of state and local employees had defined contributions plans, compared to 21 percent of private sector employees.[19]

State public employee salary resources

See also: State government salary

Below is a list of salary databases available in each state. Or you can find information in each state profile about the pay for elected officials, public employees, as well as additional benefits like pensions, vacation days, sick pay, and health care.

State Last updated Database Information available Sponsoring group
Alabama 2010 AAUP Faculty Salary Survey Compensation for university faculty by state institution American Association of University Professors
Alabama 2009 Alabama Heads of Agencies Salary information on Alabama Heads of Departments
Alabama 2006 Public v. Private Compensation in Alabama's Workforce (PDF) Report evaluates Alabama state employee compensation and makes comparisons to other states and to the private sector. Alabama Policy Institute (API) and Wendell Cox
Alaska 2010 Alaska Government Payroll Databases Local government payroll for the Municipality of Anchorage, the Manatuska-Susitna Borough, and the Anchorage School District, available in searchable organizational charts. Alaska Policy Forum
Alaska 2009 Alaska Payroll State Employee Salary Schedules (timed out) Alaska state employee payroll schedule Alaska Department of Administration Division of Finance
Alaska 2009 Alaska State Salaries 15,000 employees of the state of Alaska, including their name, job title, salary, and city
Arizona 2009 Data Center Arizona state employee salaries, including university salaries
Arizona 2009 Maricopa County Salaries Nearly 10,000 Maricopa County employee salaries in a searchable database The Arizona Republic,
Arkansas 2012 (updated monthly) Excel spreadsheet of state employee salary data Arkansas government
Arkansas 2009 Arkansas' Top State Salaries 2009 An online database of state employees who will be paid $100,000 or more in the 2009 fiscal year Arkansas Online in association with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Arkansas 2008 2008 county employees salaries Salary survey of county government employees that shows that salaries of all the major county employees in all 75 counties in the state. Association of Arkansas Counties
Arkansas 2007 Arkansas government employees An online database of all Arkansas government employees were paid $200,000 or more in 2007. Arkansas Online in association with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette
California 2010 Capitol Weekly Legislative and Executive Salary Search Online searchable database of California's legislative and executive government staff Capitol Weekly: The newspaper of California government and politics
California 2009 Reporting Transparency in California
California 2009 Bay Area Public Employee Salaries Top 2009 Bay Area Salaries, Top 2009 State Senate Gross Pay, Top 2009 UCSF Base Pay, Top 2009 Stanislaus State Gross Pay
California 2009 San Francisco Salaries Above $100,000 Searchable database of 9,488 San Francisco City and County employees who were paid at least $100,000 in 2009 San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate Data Center
California 2009 State Worker Salaries State workers' salaries Sacramento Bee
California 2009 Local employee salaries City, county and special district salaries and benefit information Comptroller's Office
California 2009 2009 Public Employee Salaries, Southern California Includes 100,000 personnel data for Los Angeles County Contra Costa Times
California 2009 2009 Employee Salaries San Francisco Bay Area public employee salary search Oakland Tribune
California 2008 Golden Gate Bridge District public payroll database Marin County Golden Gate Bridge District employees' names, departments and salaries, including base pay, "other" pay and total compensation Marin Independent Journal
California 2007 LA City Public Employee Database LA Daily News
California 2007 LA Unified School District Employee Salary Database LA Daily News
California 2003-2008 City of San Diego payroll, salaries, compensation database, 2003-2008 (timed out) Database including six years of compensation for the San Diego city work force of about 12,000 public employees The San Diego Union Tribune
Colorado 2009 Colorado Springs employee base salaries for 2009 (dead link) Searchable directory of Colorado Springs employee salaries for 2009 The Colorado Springs
Colorado 2008 El Paso County Salary Search Searchable directory of El Paso County employee salaries and job titles in 2004, 2005 and 2008 The Colorado Springs
Connecticut 2011 State of Connecticut Payroll (dead link) Payroll and Pension data for state employees, based on Calendar Year information from the State of Connecticut
Connecticut 2010 Top Ten Highest Paid Avon Town and Public School Employees in 2010 Payroll data for highest paid town employees based on town and school administrative records AvonPatch
Connecticut 2010 Database: State worker salaries Searchable database of Connecticut's 55,000 state employees' salaries]
Connecticut 2010 Top 100 Stamford Wage Earners 2010 Database of Stamford public employees by name with annual salary Stamford
Connecticut 2008-2009 School Salaries (PDF) Berlin Connecticut School Employee Salaries Berlin Republican Town Committee
Connecticut 2008 Connecticut payroll database 2008
Connecticut 2008 City of Meriden Connecticut payroll 2008 (PDF) List of City Employees by Annual Salary City of Meriden
Delaware 2009 State officials with base salaries of $100,000 or more List of Delaware government officials with a base pay of six figures and the Office of Management and Budget
Delaware 2006 School employee salaries Salaries of some school officials that made more than $100,000
Delaware 2006 Psychiatric Center salary information Delaware Psychiatric Center salary information for 2006.
District of Columbia 2008 DC payroll database 2008
Florida 2012 An interactive website that allows users to compare 15 years of state and local government employee salaries, 18 years of state and local budgets and government contracts -- or about $1.4 trillion in public spending Foundation for Government Accountability
Florida 2012 Salary findings for North Florida government agencies Public salary data from more than 90 government agencies in Northeast Florida for 2010-11 The Florida Times-Union
Florida 2009 Who's on your payroll? Online searchable database to find and compare salaries for government jobs in the Bay area and across Florida Special Reports Database
Florida 2009 University of Florida Public Salaries Database of salaries from public universities The Collegiate Times Public University Salaries Database
Florida 2009 Broward County Employee Pay 2009 Broward County employee pay, 2009 and 2008
Florida 2009 State of Florida Employee Salaries Searchable Database of State Employee Salaries
Florida 2009 City and County public officials who pull down big bucks Searchable databases of government salaries in Florida counties and cities Tampa Bay 10 News
Florida 2009 Miami Dade employees (PDF) Salary Information for Employees Earning $100,000 or more (FY 2009‐10)
Florida 2008-2009 Florida school superintendents' salaries Searchable data from Florida's 67 school districts for the 2008-09 academic year, including superintendent, salary, and total compensation News-Press
Florida 2008 Florida Payroll Database 2008
Florida 2007 City of Miami Employee Salaries Searchable database of the annual salaries of City of Miami employees's Data Sleuth
Georgia 2011 Augusta-Richmond County employee salaries Searchable database of Augusta-Richmond County employee salaries through 2011 The Augusta Chronicle
Georgia 2010 Public employee salaries and travel expenses Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts
Georgia 2010 State Employee Salaries Database 2010 Searchable database of Georgia state employee salaries for 2010 Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts and the Savannah Morning News
Georgia 2010 2010 Georgia College and University Employee Salaries Database Searchable database of Georgia College and University Employees' Salaries Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts and the Savannah Morning News
Georgia 2010 Peach County School Salaries For 2010 List of salaries for Peach County School employees over $30,000
Georgia 2009 Columbia County Employee Salaries Searchable database of Columbia County Employee Salaries for 2009 The Augusta Chronicle
Hawaii 2010 Civil Beat Shares Hawaii State Employee Salaries Hawaii State Employee Salaries, University of Hawaii Salaries, Hawaii's Highest Paid State Employees, Hawaii's Lowest Paid State Workers Honolulu Civil Beat
Hawaii 2010 Hawaii Senate Salaries (PDF) List of Hawaii Senators with 2010 yearly salaries
Hawaii 2010 Hawaii House of Representatives Salaries (PDF) List of Hawaii House Representatives with 2010 yearly salaries
Hawaii 2010 City and County of Honolulu Salaries (PDF) List of City and County of Honolulu employees with 2010 yearly salaries
Hawaii 2002-2007 Salaries of Selected Government Officials Table of salaries for certain government officials between 2002 and 2007
Hawaii University of Hawaii Employee Salaries (PDF) List of University of Hawaii Employees with yearly salaries
Hawaii Hawaii Judiciary Salaries (PDF) List of Hawaii Judiciaries with yearly salaries
Hawaii State Employee Salaries State employee salaries by department and position Hawaii
Idaho 2010 Our Idaho Public expenditures, including salaries for local government, school districts, and state government Idaho Freedom Foundation
Idaho 2008 Idaho payroll database June 2008 State payroll
Illinois 2011 State of Illinois Transparency and Accountability Employee gross pay details for 2011 by agency, name, or position ITAP
Illinois 2010 Teacher & Administrator Salary Database Databases of 2010 salaries for public school teachers. Family Taxpayers Foundation
Illinois 2010 Illinois State Salaries Searchable database of 2010 salary information for over 78,000 state of Illinois employees
Illinois 2010 Alton, Illinois city employee pay Searchable database of 234 public employees 2010 salaries paid through taxpayer funds and the City of Alton, Illinois
Illinois 2009 Top 100 Paid Teachers (dead link) Illinois School Board of Education Teacher's Service Record
Illinois 2009 University of Illinois System Salaries Searchable database of University of Illinois employee salaries for 2009 Special Reports
Illinois 2008 University of Illinois Salary List 2008-2009 A 2008-2009 list of the salaries of employees of the University of Illinois.
Illinois 2008 State universities of Illinois salaries 2008 Salaries for the other eight state universities in Illinois from 2008
Illinois 2007 Administration and Teacher Salaries Salaries and pensions for administrators and teachers and some government officials
Illinois Public workers, public salaries Databases of local Missouri and Illinois public employees, including city and county, fire department, universities, and schools
Illinois Cook County Employees Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica
Illinois Selected public payrolls (dead link) Includes salaries of employees of several state agencies, municipalities, and counties. Better Government Association
Illinois Chicago Sun-Times Data Lounge Pay-for data service. The Chicago Sun Times
Illinois 2011 Illinois Comptroller State lawmakers salaries Illinois Comptroller
Illinois 2012 Chicago Open Data Current Employee Names, Salaries, and Position Titles Chicago Mayor
Indiana 2010 Purdue University Salaries Database of salaries for university employees on the West Lafayette campus
Indiana 2009 2009 Government Salaries Salary information for Delaware County, the City of Muncie, Yorktown, Hartford City, and the City of Winchester, information provided by the county or city agency
Indiana 2009-2010 Indiana employee salaries Indy Star
Indiana 2009-2010 Local Public School Salary Database 2009-10 Database of salaries for teachers, administrators and other employees of the Lafayette and Tippecanoe school corporations
Indiana 2008 Purdue University Salary List List of 11,500 Purdue University employees as of 2008
Indiana 2008 County employee salaries Searchable database of salaries for government workers in Marion, Hamilton, Johnson and Boone counties as of the first quarter of 2008 Indy Star
Indiana 2008 University of Southern Indiana (dead link) Database of 2008 salaries for faculty and administrative staff at the University of Southern Indiana
Indiana Employee Salaries Searchable database with salary information for employees and elected officials of the State of Indiana Indiana Transparency Portal
Indiana High Ed Salaries Purdue University
Indiana Selected public payrolls (dead link) Salaries of employees of the State of Indiana. Better Government Association
Iowa 2010 Iowa State Salary Book Iowa Department of Administrative Services Salary Book 2010 for State Departments Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Iowa 2010 State Releases Employee Salary Database Searchable database of state employees, positions, and salaries, with list of Top 10 State Salaries for Fiscal 2010 KCRG News
Iowa 2009 Salaries 2009 Database of annual public employee salaries for 2009 for state as well as various county, city, and school employees Iowa City Press-Citizen
Iowa Salary book Department of Administrative Services
Kansas 2010 KanView Kansas State employees pay rates by agency or position KanView
Kansas 2010 Salaries Kansas county employee information, including number of employees and payroll Kansas Watchdog
Kansas 2010 State Government Pay & Benefits Database Database of state government employee pay and benefits Kansas Open Gov, Kansas Policy Institute
Kansas 2010 database: 2010 public salaries Public employee salaries for Sedgwick County, Butler County, City of Wichita and Wichita School District employees The Wichita Eagle, Sedgwick County, Butler County, City of Wichita and Wichita School District
Kansas 2009 Public Employee Pay Includes databases for public employee pay for Kansas City, Counties of Jackson, Johnson, Platte and Clay, and the Wyandotte County Unified Government, Kansas City Police Department, States of Kansas and Missouri, University systems of Kansas and Missouri The Kansas City Star
Kansas 2008 Payroll Listings for Select Districts Payroll database for a selection of Kansas's 289 school districts Kansas Open Gov, Kansas Policy Institute
Kansas 2007 Kansas government salary database (dead link) Kansas employee gross pay, including salary, overtime, and bonuses for 2009. Searches can be done by first or last name, position, department or salary. Kansas City Star
Kentucky 2011 Kentucky payroll database Payroll database for Kentucky's 45,000 personnel, updated April 2011. Also includes payroll databases for public schools and universities Kentucky Personnel Cabinet, The Lexington-Herald Leader
Kentucky 2010 Louisville Salaries Annual salaries for city employees -
Kentucky 2006 Kentucky State Salary Database Database of salaries of state employees, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, and the University of Kentucky for 2006. The Herald Leader
Kentucky 2006 Kentucky Superintendent Salaries Salary information on district personnel reported to the Kentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Kentucky's Open Door
Kentucky Government salary database State employee salary information. Louisville Courier-Journal
Louisiana 2011

Public Salaries

Public employee salary databases for local, parish, state and federal public workers, Bossier Parish high school workers, Caddo Parish high school and administration workers, College Salaries, Local Law Enforcement, and Local Fire Departments The Shreveport Times
Louisiana 2010 Louisiana State Payroll Payroll for Louisiana state employees, 2009-2010, including those employed by the State, state universities and colleges, levee districts, port commissions, and medical centers
Louisiana 2009 How much do state employees earn? State employee salaries. Times-Picayune
Maine 2009 Maine State Payroll Database of names, positions and salaries for people employed by the State of Maine MaineOpenGov
Maine 2008 Maine payroll database 2008
Maryland 2010 What They Earn (dead link) (click on PDF link) Payroll information for employees of Frederick, Montgomery and Prince George's county governments, school systems and municipalities The Gazette
Maryland 2009 University of Baltimore Salaries Salary of every University of Baltimore employee
Maryland 2009 University of Maryland Salaries (dead link) 2009 Salary Guide for colleges with the University of Maryland The Diamond Back
Maryland 2008 Maryland payroll database 2008
Massachusetts 2009 Massachusetts 2009 State Employee Payroll (dead link) State payroll information. Boston Herald
Massachusetts 2009 Boston Payroll 2009 payroll for Boston public employees Boston Herald
Massachusetts 2008 100 highest paid Mass. state workers 100 highest paid Massachusetts state workers for 2008
Massachusetts 2008 100 highest-paid municipal employees List of highest-paid municipal employees for towns of Brookline, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Needham, Peabody, Newton, Newton pensions, Norwell, Waltham, Wellesley, Winthrop Your Town
Massachusetts 2007 State Payroll Searchable database of 2007 earnings for Massachusetts state employees
Massachusetts Database Searchable databases for state, local, and municipal public employees
Massachusetts District Attorney Payroll Earnings for district attorneys of Massachusetts and staffers
Michigan 2010 University of Michigan Salary Information Searchable (by department, name or title) database of University of Michigan employees and salaries University of Michigan
Michigan 2010 Michigan Universities Public Salaries Databases of public university employee salaries. Includes University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Michigan-Dearborn, and Flint employee salaries. The Collegiate Times
Michigan 2009 Teacher Salaries List of databases with teacher salaries for school districts in Michigan
Michigan 2009 Faculty and staff salary record University of Michigan employees' salaries. University of Michigan Library
Michigan 2009 Governor's Appointees Salary Database Database listing list of gubernatorial appointees and their salary The Detroit Free Press
Michigan 2008 Michigan State University Faculty and Academic Staff Salary List 2008-2009 Database of salaries for Michigan State University employees
Michigan 2007 Michigan salary search Database with the names, titles, departments and salaries for Michigan public employees
Michigan 2007 Teacher Pay series Articles on public school instructor's pay, including salary databases.
Michigan 2007 Michigan State Senate Payroll (PDF) Salary information for Michigan State Senators and staff Lansing State Journal
Minnesota 2009 Public School Employee Salaries (dead link) Database with base salaries for administrators, teachers and staff in Minnesota public schools between the 2002-03 and 2009-10 school years Twin Cities Pioneer Press
Minnesota 2009 Minnesota public employee salaries Over 54,000 state and local government salaries. St. Paul Pioneer Press
Minnesota 2009 Minnesota payroll database 2009
Minnesota 2008 State Employees' Salaries Database of earnings for about 57,000 employees of the state's executive, legislative and judicial branches in 2008 St. Cloud Times
Minnesota 2007 Federal workers pay in Minnesota Database of pay for federal workers in Minnesota in 2007 St. Cloud Times
Minnesota Minnesota Management and Budget The Minnesota Transparency and Accountability Project includes compensation reports.
Minnesota Salary Snapshots List of median salaries for state organizations and top paid state government employees Star Tribune
Mississippi 2011 Mississippi Transparency Workforce Information (dead link) List of monthly payroll and salary information on State of Mississippi agencies MississippiTransparency
Mississippi 2011 Mississippi State University Salaries List of average salaries by position
Mississippi 2009 SUG Salary Data Mississippi State University SUG (Southern University Group) Faculty Salary Data by Discipline and Rank Mississippi State University
Mississippi Mississippi Management and Reporting System Information on the State Budget, State Property, Revenues, Vendors, and State Employees.
Missouri 2011 Missouri Accountability Portal State employees pay. Users can view pay information by Agency, Position Title, or Employee Name. Includes gross pay amounts by the last pay cycle and year to date.
Missouri 2010 2010-2011 St. Louis city payroll Searchable database of salaries for over 4,000 city employees in 2010 and 2011
Missouri 2009 Search the State of Missouri government salary database (dead link) Searchable database of 2009 gross pay for Missouri state workers provided by the State The Kansas City Star
Missouri 2009 Search the Missouri universities salary database (dead link) Searchable database of 2009 salaries and hourly rates for Missouri university employees, provided by the Missouri university system The Kansas City Star
Missouri 2008 St. Louis City Payroll Searchable database of St. Louis city employee salaries Special Reports, City of St. Louis
Missouri Public workers, public salaries Databases of local Missouri and Illinois public employees, including city and county, fire department, universities, and schools
Missouri State Employee Salaries List of over 80,000 state employees, departments, title and salary Springfield
Missouri Data-Leader Databases including names, titles, salaries and departments for area schools, City of Springfield, Christian County, Polk County, Stone County, Greene County, and Taney County] Springfield
Montana Spring 2010 Salary explorer State agencies salaries Montana Policy Institute
Montana 2009 Faculty and Professional Staff; Montana State University List of Montana State University faculty and staff with annual salaries for 2009 Montana State University
Montana 2008 Montana state payroll 2008
Montana Montana Employee Directory Search
Nebraska 2010 University of Nebraska Personnel Roster University of Nebraska Personnel Roster with position and salaries for employees Nebraska State Publications Online
Nebraska 2010 Personnel Almanac The Nebraska Personnel Almanac published annually provides overall spending, workforce size and geographic distribution, and salaries of the top executives. Nebraska Department of Administrative Services
Nebraska 2008 Highest Paid Vendors and Personnel for Fiscal Year 2008 (dead link) (PDF) List of State Personnel and University Personnel with Gross Pay $100,000 or More in 2008 Nebraska State Auditor of Public Accounts
Nebraska 2007 Highest Paid State Employees and State Vendor List Released (dead link) (PDF) List of the top 20 University personnel and top 20 State Employees receiving gross pay of over $100,000 in 2007 Nebraska State Auditor of Public Accounts
Nevada 2011 Employee Salaries A project that makes public some Nevada salary data. Nevada Policy Research Institute
Nevada 2009 of local, county, state public employees Searchable database of salaries for highest paid employees by gross salary of listed entities, including College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College, University of Nevada, Western Nevada College, Washoe County and Washoe County school districts, Reno, and the State of Nevada, among others Reno-Gazette Journal
Nevada 2008 Nevada state payroll 2008
New Hampshire 2010 State Employee Pay Search Searchable database of salaries for state employees Transparency New Hampshire
New Hampshire 2010 Nashua school and municipal salaries Database of salaries for 3,900 employees of Nashua, including city government and the school system '
New Hampshire 2009 City Salary Search Database of 4,030 people paid by the city of Nashua in 2009
New Hampshire 2008 New Hampshire 2008 Annual Salaries (dead link) New Hampshire Employee salaries
New Hampshire 2008 Sate of New Hampshire Annual Salaries List of state employee salaries for 2008
New Hampshire 2008 University System of New Hampshire employee salaries (dead link) (PDF)
New Hampshire 2007 New Hampshire Annual Salaries 2007 State of New Hampshire Employee salaries
New Hampshire 2007 University System of New Hampshire employee salaries (PDF)
New Jersey 2011 Public Payroll Payroll data for state employees YourMoney.NJ, New Jersey Transparency
New Jersey 2010 State Employees, 2010 Database of base salaries for New Jersey state government and court employees
New Jersey 2010 Public Payroll Employee data for New Jersey, including pension information and Post Office workers information. Asbury Park Press
New Jersey 2009 NJ Public School Teachers, 2009-10 Database of jobs, salaries and types of degrees for New Jersey public school teachers Asbury Park Press
New Mexico 2009 Watchdog resources Executive Branch employee salaries. Albuquerque Journal
New Mexico 2009 New Mexico Payroll Database May 2009
New Mexico State Employee Salaries New Mexico state employee salaries New Mexico Sunshine Portal
New Mexico Officials Salaries Salaries for New Mexico officials by county Clovis News Journal
New Mexico Public Payrolls Searchable databases for New Mexico State Police employee salaries, New Mexico State University employee salaries, as well as local public employee salaries Las Cruces Sun-News
New York 2010 See Through NY Database of names, positions and salaries or pension benefit rates for employees of New York State, New York City, state and regional public authorities, public school districts, and New York's county, city, town and village governments Empire Center
New York 2009 New York State payroll 2009
New York 2009 Hudson Valley Public Salary Database 40,000 public salary records. Times Herald-Record
New York 2009 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Salaries and Overtime Base pay, overtime and total pay for 2009 for employees of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Asbury Park Press
New York 2008 NYC Employee search Employee salary search by agency. Asbury Park Press
New York Salary Databases Databases with salaries for state entities, local municipalities, cities, counties, towns, villages, and school districts
North Carolina 2010 State Government Employee Salaries News Observer
North Carolina 2010 Salaries at UNC Hospitals Database of salaries for University of North Carolina Healthcare System employees News Observer
North Carolina 2009 University of North Carolina System Salary Database Database of salary information for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years for all university system employees, including professors and administrators News Observer
North Carolina 2009 New Hanover public salary database Searchable database of local employee salaries Star News Online
North Carolina 2008 North Carolina State University System salaries 2008 List of employees and salaries at the sixteen campuses in the North Carolina State University System and the North Carolina School of Science and Math
North Dakota 2009 Sunshine on Schools Financial information about the state's education system.
North Dakota 2009 North Dakota payroll 2009
Ohio 2012 (updated each pay period) Department of Administrative Services PDF report of state employee salaries State of Ohio
Ohio 2010 State Salaries Different searchable salary databases. Buckeye Institute
Ohio 2010 Southwest Ohio Local Government Wage and Benefit Survey Wages and benefits for Ohio cities, village, and townships based on survey data
Ohio 2010 Government Salaries Top salaries for government entities in Allen, Auglaize, Putnam and Van Wert counties The Lima News
Ohio 2010 School District Salaries Top 10 salaries from school districts in Allen, Auglaize, Putnam and Van Wert counties The Lima News
Ohio 2009 Ohio State University payroll
Ohio 2009 Ohio State Salaries Database with over 65,000 State of Ohio employees' salaries and overtime from 2009 NBC4
Ohio 2009 Ohio state employee payroll in 2009 Pay and overtime for all Ohio state employees for 2009 The Journal News, State of Ohio
Ohio 2009 University of Toledo Salaries Searchable database with the salaries of almost 5,500 employees of the University of Toledo The Toledo Blade
Ohio 2008 Miami University Payroll Database of Miami University and Oho State University Public Salaries The Collegiate Times
Ohio 2008 Public Salary Information Salary information for employees in Ohio counties, cities, townships, and schools The Western Star
Ohio 2005 2005 Salary Lists (dead link) Educator salaries and government employee salaries for select Ohio counties
Ohio Salary Databases Salary databases for state of Ohio employees and Ohio Public School Districts OhioCASB (Citizens Accounting Standards Board)
Ohio State Employee Data List of each state employee, his/her agency, position title, and gross pay State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services Employee Data
Oklahoma 2011 Open Books Oklahoma
Oklahoma 2010 Analysis: 202 public school superintendents paid more than $100,000 a year Analysis of Oklahoma superintendent salaries based on public school records
Oklahoma 2010 State Payroll
Oklahoma 2010 Payroll County Employees Annual Salaries] Oklahoma County Clerk
Oklahoma 2010 Higher Education Payroll 2010 high education payroll data
Oklahoma 2010 Teacher Salaries Public school teacher salaries database, Oklahoma State Department of Education
Oklahoma 2009 City of Tulsa Payroll City of Tulsa payroll database of 4,000 employees
Oklahoma 2009 Tulsa County Salaries Tulsa County payroll database of over 1,800 employees' salaries
Oregon 2010 GovDocs All Oregon State employee salary information supplied by the State of Oregon as public record. Oregon Politico
Oregon 2010 Government Salaries (dead link) Salary databases for various Oregon government entities] GovDocs,
Oregon 2010 Oregon Workforce State Employee Salary as of June 30, 2010 Oregon State Department of Administrative Services
Oregon 2009 Public employee salary database Salary databases for select counties and cities
Oregon 2007 Oregon Employee Salary Database Statesmen Journal
Oregon Data Center Databases for Oregon State Hospitals Salaries, City Employee Salaries, Marion County Employee Salaries Statesmen Journal
Pennsylvania 2012 PennWatch Database of Pennsylvania's public employee salaries Executive Office of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania 2010 Public School Salaries, 2010 Database of Pennsylvania's public school teachers and administrators salaries Asbury Park Press
Pennsylvania 2009 Highest-paid state employees List of highest-paid state employees
Pennsylvania 2009 Court employees, job titles and salaries List of court employees, job titles and salaries The Times Leader
Pennsylvania 2008 Pennsylvania state payroll
Pennsylvania 2007 Superintendent Contracts Altoona Mirror
Pennsylvania 2006 Teacher Salaries Teacher Salaries for 120,000 Teachers Stop Teacher Strikes
Pennsylvania School Payroll Public school teachers salary
Rhode Island 2011 The Money Trail State, municipality, and school district payroll. Rhode Island Statewide Coalition Foundation
Rhode Island 2011 Transparency Train School and municipal payrolls. Ocean State Policy Research Institute
Rhode Island 2008 Rhode Island state payroll 2008
Rhode Island 2007 Municipal Workers Payroll Providence Journal
South Carolina 2011 State Salaries Over $50,000 Salaries of all state employees earning $50,000 or more South Carolina Budget and Control Board
South Carolina 2010 Salaries Salary information for agencies, commissions, and other local entities. It also lists employees earning more than $150k and $100k, along with the top five highest-paid employees by agency. The State
South Carolina State Employee Salary Database State employee salaries over $50k The Post and Courier
South Carolina South Carolina Research Alliance Salary Database
South Carolina Local Salaries Searchable database of local government employees making $50,000 or more a year including counties, municipalities, and school districts] The State
South Carolina School Salaries Journal Watchdog
South Dakota 2011 State Employee Salary Lookup Searchable database of state employees and their salaries Open South Dakota
South Dakota Metro area public salaries Database with the salaries for public officials and school district employees from Sioux City, South Sioux City, North Sioux City, Woodbury County, Dakota County, Union County and Sergeant Bluff Sioux City Journal
South Dakota State Salaries Searchable database of South Dakota state employees, including government departments and universities The Argus Leader
Tennessee 2010 Tennessee Employee Salary Search Provides a searchable database of state employees' salaries.
Tennessee 2010 University of Tennessee Salaries Database of salaries of employees of the University of Tennessee The Commercial Appeal, University of Tennessee
Tennessee 2009 Payroll Tennessee State Employees Payroll
Tennessee 2009 State salary information for 2009 The Tennessean
Tennessee 2009 Top 100 Public Government Salaries Top 100 paid employees in Hamilton, Catoosa, Bradley County schools and government, cities of Chattanooga, Cleveland, East Ridge, Red Bank, Soddy-Daisy and Signal Mountain, Erlanger Health System, EPB, Cleveland Utilities, TVA officers, among others Right2Know
Tennessee 2008 University of Tennessee Salary Information Salary database of faculty and staff at University of Tennessee campuses The Tennessean
Texas 2010 Government Employee Salaries Information on state employees and individual city employees. Searchable by city, position, and name. Texas Tribune
Texas 2010 Texas A&M University salaries Salary information for employees of Texas A&M University, University of Texas, Texas Tech University, and Texas Southern University The Collegiate Times
Texas 2008 Texas state payroll 2008
Texas 2008 2008 State of Texas public employee salaries (dead link) Searchable database of 175,000 public employees' salaries The Houston Chronicle
Texas 2007 Houston public employee salaries (dead link) The Houston Chronicle
Texas 2007 Highest Paid State Employees Database of highest-paid Texas state employees Texas Watchdog
Texas Texas Superintendent Salaries Searchable database of salaries of Texas superintendents Texas Tribune
Texas UT Employee Salary Database (dead link) Database of salaries of employees of the University of Texas Daily Texas Online
Utah 2010 Utah Public Salaries Salt Lake Tribune
Utah Utah Transparency has a database listing salaries by position for government entities, school districts, and higher education
Vermont 2011 State Employee Salaries Fiscal Year 2011 Datasbe of salaries of Vermont state employees for 2011 Vermont Transparency
Vermont 2008 Vermont Employee Wages Database Searchable database of earnings for employees of the State of Vermont Burlington Free Press
Vermont UVM Employee Wages Database of earnings for employees of the University of Vermont Burlington Free Press
Vermont Burlington City Employee Wages Searchable database of earnings for employees of Burlington City Burlington Free Press
Vermont Chittenden County School District Wages Searchable database of earnings for employees of Chittenden County School District Wages Burlington Free Press
Vermont The top 100 Pension Earners List of top 100 state government pension earners Burlington Free Press
Vermont VT State College Employee Wages Searchable database of earnings for employees of Vermont State College Burlington Free Press
Virginia 2011 Christopher Newport University Databases of salaries for employees of Virginia universities The Collegiate Times
Virginia 2010 School Salaries (dead link) Searchable database of salaries for school employees in various Virginia school districts Datacenter
Virginia 2010 County Salaries (dead link) Searchable database of salaries for Prince William County employees Datacenter
Virginia 2010 City of Manassas employee salaries Searchable database of salaries for City of Manassas employees Datacenter
Virginia 2008 Government Salaries Searchable database of salaries of Virginia government employees for the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 fiscal years
Virginia 2008 ODU documents Salaries of administrative and faculty employees at Old Dominion University. Mace and Crown - Old Dominion University
Virginia 2006 Salaries A salary survey of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. Bristol Herald Courier
Virginia Salaries of Virginia Sate Employees Database of Virginia state employee salaries, including state agencies and universities The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Washington 2010 Washington OFM Personnel Detail Report The Washington Office of Financial Management posts a Personnel Detail Report which provides salary and other employment information for each employee in all state agencies for 2010. Office of Financial Management
Washington 2010 Washington State Salary Database Database of Washington state employees by name and by agency The Olympian
Washington 2010 School Employee Salaries Database of Washington state public school employees' positions, districts, education, certificated experience, pay and benefits as of fall 2010 The News Tribune
Washington 2009 Washington State Employees Salaries A thorough listing of Washington State Employees, Job Title and Salaries. The King County information is only available as an Excel spreadsheet download.
Washington 2009 Washington State School Employee Salaries Database of Washington state public school employees' salaries for 2009-2010 The Olympian
Washington 2009 Washington OFM Personnel Detail Report The Washington Office of Financial Management posts a Personnel Detail Report which provides salary and other employment information for each employee in all state agencies for 2009. Office of Financial Management
Washington 2009 Washington State Salary Database Database of salaries for about 150,000 workers at state of Washington agencies, colleges and universities The News Tribune
Washington 2008 Washington State Teacher Salaries Databases of salaries of Washington State teachers by school district Evergreen Freedom Foundation
West Virginia 2010 Kanawha County Metro emergency operation gross compensation (PDF) List of 2010 salaries for Kanawha County Metro emergency operation employees Metro 911
West Virginia 2010 State Employees Total Compensation West Virginia Government Transparency database of total compensation for state workers. Requires an account. West Virginia State Auditor's Office
West Virginia 2010 2010 Huntington West Virginia Employees Pay Database of 2010 total compensation for all Huntington employees paid through the city payroll system. Site also include a database of 2009 total compensation for all Cabell County employees The Herald-Dispatch
West Virginia 2007 WV State Employees Pay Database Database includes total state employee compensation for the 2007, excluding deductions and travel reimbursements. 'Herald Dispatch
West Virginia 2006 Kanawha County School Employees List of 2006-2007 salaries for Kanawha County school employees
West Virginia 2006 West Virginia State Auditor's Office State Employees Total Compensation for 2006 Calendar Year (PDF) List of earnings for state employees for 2006
Wisconsin 2010 Data on Demand Public employee salary information and other data. Journal Sentinel
Wisconsin 2009 University of Wisconsin System Salaries Search Searchable database of budgeted salaries for all University of Wisconsin employees for the fiscal year 2009-10 University of Wisconsin Office of Budget and Planning,
Wisconsin 2009 University of Wisconsin Madison employee salaries Databases of salaries for employees of the University of Wisconsin The Collegiate Times
Wisconsin 2009 Payroll Database (dead link) Searchable database of public payrolls for Wisconsin Better Government Association Payroll Database
Wisconsin 2009 Wisconsin teacher salaries Searchable database of Wisconsin teacher salaries
Wisconsin 2008 Wisconsin state employee salaries Database of 15,000 state employees salaries Green Bay Press Gazette
Wisconsin 2008 Wisconsin state employees payroll 2008
Wisconsin 2007 Federal Salaries Searchable database of the salaries and bonuses earned by federal workers based in Wisconsin
Wyoming Compensation Scales Compensation policies and pay-scales provided. Employees and salaries are not listed. State of Wyoming Department of Administration & Information Human Resources Division

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