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Pulaski County, Arkansas

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Pulaski County is one of 75 counties in Arkansas. Little Rock is the county seat. It is the largest county by population in the U.S. state of Arkansas with a population of 382,748 at the 2010 United States Census. Its county seat is Little Rock, which is also Arkansas's capital and largest city. Pulaski County forms the core of the Little Rock–North Little Rock–Conway Metropolitan Statistical Area which had 699,757 people in the 2010 census. Pulaski County is Arkansas's fifth county, formed on December 15, 1818, alongside Clark and Hempstead counties. The county is named for Count Casimir Pulaski, a Polish volunteer who saved George Washington's life during the American Revolutionary War.

Website evaluation

Budget P
Meetings P
Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials P
Permits, zoning
Audits N
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Contracts P
Lobbying N
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Public records N
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Last rated on June 30, 2012.

The good

  • Current budget information is available[1].
  • Elected officials' contact information is posted.[2]
  • Administrative telephone contact details are provided.[3]
  • Quorum Court meeting information is provided[4] and the latest agenda is available.[5]
  • Building permits and zoning information is available.[6][7]
  • Taxes can be paid online and other local tax information is provided.[8]
  • Current bids are posted[9].

The bad

  • Archived budget documents are not available.
  • Meeting minutes and archived agendas are not available.
  • Administrative email contact details are not listed.
  • County audits and contracts are not online.
  • Does not disclose if belongs to government sector lobbying associations.
  • Information on how to make a public records request is not provided on the site.


The Fiscal Year 2012 budget contains $62,419,104 in General Fund appropriations, with a recommended General Fund reserve of $7,354,365. The county's second largest fund is the Road and Bridge Fund which stood at $20,472,766 in appropriations.[10]

Public officials

Elected Officials

The County Judge serves as the chief executive officer in Arkansas county government. The Quorum Court is composed of Justices of the Peace and serves as the legislative body of county government.[2]

Name Title District
Floyd G. "Buddy" Villines County Judge -
Doug Reed Justice of the Peace 1
Dawne Benafield Vandiver Justice of the Peace 2
Jim Sorvillo Justice of the Peace 3
Julie Blackwood Justice of the Peace 4
Wilandra Dean Justice of the Peace 5
Donna Massey Justice of the Peace 6
Teresa Coney Justice of the Peace 7
Curtis Keith Justice of the Peace 8
Judy Green Justice of the Peace 9
Rev. Robert Green Justice of the Peace 10
Bob Johnson Justice of the Peace 11
Jeff Rollins Justice of the Peace 12
Phil Stowers Justice of the Peace 13
Paul Elliott Justice of the Peace 14
Shane Stacks Justice of the Peace 15

Administrative officials

The County Judge serves as the chief executive officer. Responsibilities include authorizing and disbursement of budgeted expenditures, operating the road system, and administering ordinances enacted by the Quorum Court. The current County Judge, F.G. Buddy Villines, was first elected in 1992.[11]


The budget ordinance lists public official salaries. 2011 budgeted salaries are:[10]

Position 2011 Budget Salary
Justice of the Peace $11,106.00
Assessor $78,961.00
Circuit County Clerk $80,707.00
Treasurer $80,707.00
County Judge $91,593.00
Sheriff $91,593.00
District Judge $60,908.00


Employees participate in the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System.


The County does not provide information on taxpayer funded lobbying.

Transparency & public records


Citizens are eligible, under Amendement 79 passed by Arkansas voters in November, 2000, to receive a $350 credit on the general taxes of a real estate tax bill. The credit applies to a primary residence.[12]

A chart of 2011, payable 2012, millage rates can be found here.

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