Push for Bingo amendment apparent in Alabama

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February 8, 2010


MONTGOMERY, Alabama: The support for a bingo casino amendment in Alabama is gaining momentum as the economy declines and lawmakers look for a way out. Whether that amendment heads to the ballot or if it will be passed by the Alabama Legislature remains to be seen. Bradly Byrne, gubernatorial candidate, stated that the state's revenues are consistently decreasing four months into the fiscal year, and the amendment is under the limelight, "It’s the tail wagging the dog.” However, Byrne has state his opposition to such amendments.[1][2]

D'Linell Finley, a former professor at Auburn University-Montgomery, stated that there is a great amount of pressure to use bingo casinos, and the revenue it rakes in, as a source to help the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets. According to Finley, “Even the anti-gambling groups can see if you put a ballot out this go-around, this just might pass for the very reason just stated.” Opponents could counter with other ways to rake in money to help the economy, and that bingo casinos are not the definite answer.

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