Quinn says voters should have power to enforce better behavior from pols

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January 13, 2010

Pat Quinn to politicians: Act better, or else

PEORIA, Illinois: Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, preparing for his January state-of-the-state address, announced to members of the media that a centerpiece of his plan to clean up Illinois will include a call for a constitutional amendment to change the laws governing the initiative process in Illinois so that citizens would be allowed to initiate ballot initiatives related to campaign finance and ethical guidelines for Illinois politicians who as a class are famously thought to have difficulty hewing to conventional behavioral guidelines.[1]

60% of the members of both houses of the Illinois State Legislature must agree with Quinn's vision in order for the proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to go before voters.

Quinn says his proposal "It should give the people at the local level, county, city, municipal and state, the power by petition and binding referendum to enact ethics standards and campaign finance standards that the people feel are appropriate. I think this is one area where an initiative is vitally needed."[1]

Besides mulling over the age-old problem of ensuring that Illinois lawmakers behave with ethical decorum, Quinn is also in a hotly-contested primary contest for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor of Illinois in a race that concludes on February 2, 2010.

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