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R.E. Eck Jr. recall, Apache Junction, Arizona (2011)

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R.E. Eck Jr. was recalled from his elected position as a member of the city council of Apache Junction, Arizona, in a special recall election that took place on March 8, 2011.[1]


The Committee to Protect the Public Trust sponsored the recall effort.[2] Elliott Fisher, a licensed practical nurse, was a leader in the effort.

According to a website sponsored by Elliott Fisher, the reason for the recall was:

"The Incident that brought this Recall about was a Road Rage altercation occurring October, 2nd, 2009 between R.E.EckII and his twenty-one year old son against a motorcycle rider and his wife. This incident resulted in charges of DUI and four felonies, that is, road rage. R.E.EckII can claim "innocence" because the case has continued to be stalled. This Recall was done mainly because there is a history in this case of justice being delayed. R.E.EckII's behavior is well documented and his blood toxicology clearly indicated that he was impaired behind the wheel. According to toxicology results obtained by "Independent Newspapers," R.E.EckII had levels of diazepam, nordiazepam and zolpidem in his blood stream during the time of the October, 2nd, 2009 incident."[3]

Election results

The recall election was a three-way contest between Eck Jr., Clark Smithson, and Elliott Fisher. Smithson, a semi-retired teacher аnd member of the Pinal County Plοttіng аnd Zoning Commission, won the race. Fisher, the leader of the recall effort, is a past mayoral and council candidate.[4]

  • Votes to retain R.E. Eck Jr.: 28%
  • Votes to replace R.E. Eck Jr. with Clark Smithson: 47% Approveda
  • Votes to replace R.E. Eck Jr. with Elliott Fisher: 24%

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