Racine Maintenance School Bond (2008)

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The Racine Maintenance School Bond was a bond measure that was on the April 1, 2008 ballot in Racine County. It was intended to use $16.5 million over a five year span for maintenance of the Racine Unified School District.

In the 15 years since Wisconsin adopted revenue caps, the Racine School District has sent 16 additional spending proposals to the ballot. Nine of these were approved by voters, adding $59 million to the school's budget.[1]


  • Democratic Party of Racine County
  • Teacher's Union
  • Members of the Racine Interfaith Coalition


The Racine Taxpayers Association officially opposes the measure, but some members of the association have voted to endorse it.

Howard Stacey, a Caledonia Village Board member, voiced his concerns about the measure this way: "Passing this referendum would only reward the School Board, past school boards and administration for not being fiscally responsible in their maintenance of the infrastructure. We're just going to be giving them more money with no guarantees that they'll reform their practices."[2]




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