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Sunshine Review's editors honored a Ray of Sunshine Review: Site of the Day each non-holiday weekday from 2008-April 2009. This page is a list of the sites that were chosen.

April 2009

April 9

  • The California School Finance Center is a transparency tool created by the Pacific Research Institute and Just for the Kids—California for providing transparency, comparisons, and improvement on California's public school districts and charter schools. It compiles publicly-available information on public school revenue, achievement, and student demographic data in order to help school districts become more efficient and for educating citizens, parents, and students.

March 2009

March 12

  • Open Alabama was a website launched by Alabama Governor Bob Riley. The website has a section on state spending, a list of all active statewide contracts and awarded bids, a database of all leases held by state departments, and information on the Riley Administration's requirement for state agencies to link their budget requests to measurable objectives.

February 2009

February 9

January 2009

January 29

January 20

  • Dupage County, Illinois is taking further steps to government transparency. The county has formed an Ad Hoc panel to discuss new tools and process to provide more information to residents.Check it out.

January 16

January 12

  • Dupage County, Illinois Auditor Bob Grogan announced the county will be posting its checkbook register online. The three new reports posted on the Auditor’s website will include: a detailed listing of county payments made by each elected office and department along with payments grouped by vendor.Check it out.

January 8

  • Jason Zandri of Wallingford, Connecticut built his own website with information about Wallingford (like minutes of meetings and the town budget) when the town itself wouldn't post the information on its official website.

January 7

December 2008

December 22

December 17

December 12

December 4

  • The Alabama Policy Institute has endorsed the “Alabama Right to Know” legislation which will be introduced by State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) and Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison) in 2009. The website will provide a searchable database of state expenditures; contracts; legislative grants; and state grants. It would also require electronic filing of campaign contributions and expenditures and disclosure of relatives of politicians if they have contracts with the state.

December 3

  • Texas Comptroller is having a Susan Combs is holding a audio conference on her spending transparency initiatives, including the "Where the Money Goes" - Window on State Government" website. The four major search functions on the website include state agency search, vendor search, spending category search and purchasing code search (which allows for drilling down to the "pencil-level" for the biggest agencies. Make sure to tune in.

December 1

November 2008

November 24

November 13

November 7

  • The Empire Center for New York State Policy released a report in 2008 examining contract negotiations between the state and public employee unions showing that the tendency to keep details of such negotiations under wraps as long as possible is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

November 6

  • The Missouri Accountability Portal (MAP) is a reference site produced by the state of Missouri where citizens can track government expenditures, state employee pay, the distribution of tax credits, and how government programs are being enforced.

November 4

  • The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-profit, research and educational institute based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The foundation develops and advances public policies based on the nation’s founding principles of limited constitutional government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility for one’s actions.

October 2008

October 30

October 27, 2008

October 24

  • The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government's mission is to help the general public, students, educators, public officials, media and legal professionals understand, obtain and exercise their First Amendment rights, and their rights and responsibilities under the New Mexico Open Meetings, Inspection of Public Records and Arrest Record Information Acts.

October 23

October 21

  • Californians Aware is an organization in CA working to foster confidence in the use of transparency laws by the public; and the compliance with those laws by the government.

October 17

October 15

  • Georgia launches new transparency website aimed at helping citizens track where their tax dollars are being spent.

October 9

October 8

October 7

  • Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is backing a new transparency site called Kentucky's Open Door to be launched January 2009. Ideas and feedback for making the site the best it can be are currently being solicited here (dead link).

October 1

  • Open South Dakota is a review state government spending, current salaries of individual state employees, financial documents, vendor information, and listings of job classifications. The site provides information for over 106,000 financial entries.

September 2008

September 26

September 22

  • South Carolina Spending Transparency, a site run by the comptroller of South Carolina, who is posting annual and monthly spending of pending reports under its Statewide Accounting and Reporting System (STARS).

September 19

September 17

  • Empower Texans is a new organization that launched to give video on why Texans should be asking how their taxpayer dollars are being spent.

September 16

September 15

September 10

September 9

September 8

  • New York:Project Sunlight, a state run website posting information related to campaign finance, legislation, lobbying activity, and recipients of state government contracts.

September 5

September 4

September 2

August 2008

August 29

August 28