Record number of concealed gun permits revoked in Utah

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July 30, 2011


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah:Recently a multitude of applicants sought concealed-weapon permits in Utah and subsequently had their licenses revoked. This record number of applications and revocations came because of a law signed by Governor Gary Herbert that took effect May 10 of this year. This law required all out of state applicants to first present proof of a concealed weapon permit from their own state, before they could acquire one in Utah.[1]

The reason for many residents of other states to acquire a license in Utah had to do primarily with money. In Utah, concealed weapon permits were cheaper than most other states, but they were still recognized in those states with similar concealed weapons laws. This caused the states to lose money, which then made them threaten to not recognize Utah's concealed weapon permit. This brought about the passing of the law, which brought about the record number of applications from other states before the law came into effect.[1]

Many of these applicants had their licenses revoked as a result of application. This is due to the background check that is done, checking for various violent crimes, upon applying for a permit.[1]

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