Renton City Library Location Question (August 2012)

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A Renton City Library Location Question was on the August 7, 2012 ballot in the city of Renton which is in King County.

The choice to stay at the current downtown location was approved

  • Cedar River Location 6,903 (76.13%)Approveda
  • Renton Piazza Location 2,164 (23.87%)[1]

This measure asked residents to choose one of two locations for the downtown library. The choices was either to stay at the current location or another location, a former Big 5 Sporting Goods store. Since the choice is for the library to remain at its current downtown location, it will be completely refurbished and made state of the art, with new technology, renovated facilities and new inventory. The cost to renovate the library at its current location will be around $10.1 million while renovating the Big 5 store to house the library would have been around $9.3 million.[2]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

After Renton voters chose to join King County Library System (KCLS), Renton contracted with KCLS to provide a state of the art library in downtown Renton. The library will be located at EITHER the existing library location over the Cedar River (100 Mill Ave. South), OR West of the Renton Piazza (508 South 3rd Street). If the Piazza site is chosen, Renton will keep the existing library building for alternative public use in the future. Which location should be the site of the downtown library?[3][4]

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