Republicans retain seats in January 11 special elections

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January 12, 2011

By Tyler Millhouse

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Three states-- Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Virginia -- held special elections on January 11, 2011 to fill 5 vacant state legislative seats. All five seats were previously held by Republicans, and the GOP retained control of these seats on Tuesday.

  • In Mississippi, the District 6 senate seat went to Republican Nancy Adams Collins. Adams Collins' victory was necessary to preserve the 26-26 tie in the Mississippi State Senate. With 2010 census redistricting approaching and a Democratic majority in the house, the outcome strengthens the GOP's influence on the redistricting process. In Mississippi's District 116 house race, Jim Atchison (R) and Casey Eure (R) will proceed to a runoff election.[1] Both vacancies resulted from elections to the U.S. House, Patrick Nunnelee (R) in District 6 and Steven Palazzo (R) in District 116.

Partisan impact

Since neither party was able to pick up additional legislative seats in the special election, partisan balances are largely unaffected:

Mississippi Legislature Partisan Balance

Mississippi Senate

Party As of May 2015
     Democratic Party 20
     Republican Party 32
Total 52

Mississippi House

Party As of May 2015
     Democratic Party 55
     Republican Party 67
Total 122

Oklahoma Senate Partisan Balance

Oklahoma Senate

Party As of May 2015
     Democratic Party 8
     Republican Party 40
Total 48

Virginia Legislature Partisan Balance

Virginia Senate

Party As of May 2015
     Democratic Party 19
     Republican Party 21
Total 40

Virginia House of Delegates

Party As of May 2015
     Democratic Party 32
     Republican Party 67
     Vacancy 1
Total 100

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