Rhode Island Governor Chafee faces off with Representative Gordon

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September 30, 2011

Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: Governor Lincoln Chafee has joined other Rhode Island political leaders in calling for representative Daniel Gordon Jr. to step down from his position. In recent weeks, revelations about Gordon's past arrests which were made and other criminal activity have led the Governor and others to urge Gordon to step down. The Governor made a statement that while they were glad that Gordon admitted to the crimes, he felt along with others, that time away from political office would help Gordon deal with his issues and that he was not helping his constituents. Gordon responded that he would not step down and that the Governor had no business to ask him to do so. Gordon also stated in a news conference that he intends to run for re-election as well. Gordon had gone to the police to stop cyber stalkers, but while looking into his records had found that he was driving on a suspended license and was wanted in Massachusetts for failing to appear in court back in 2008. Gordon was subsequently arrested at his home and public disclosure of his crimes was the end result. He is set to appear in court October 4 and 17 to address his license and failure to appear in court charges.[1]

In response to the calls to step down, Gordon has announced that he now plans a recall effort of Governor Chafee. His grounds for recalling the governor are that Chafee had violated state ethics rules when he asked that state education officials allow for in-state tuition costs for those students who had immigrated to the United States illegally when instead the General Assembly should have made the decision. The recall petition would require thousands of signatures and Gordon is hoping to gain support at a protest held on Saturday, October 1. Gordon commented that the calls for him to resign will not hinder his effort to recall Chafee.[2]

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