Rhode Island Senate holds December session to consider judicial nominees

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November 30, 2010

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: It is a rare occurrence for the Rhode Island legislature to meet after the November election. The Senate is scheduled to convene on December 2 to consider as many as 7 judicial nominees put forth by outgoing governor Donald Carcieri (R).[1]

Carcieri nominated three judges for the state District Court, three for the state Superior Court, and one Family Court associate justice.[1]

The Senate Judiciary Committee met on November 29 and backed three of the seven nominees.[2]

Throughout his term, Carcieri has appointed 27 judges (out of 62 total in the state).[1] If all 7 of his nominees are confirmed, he will have appointed more than half of all sitting judges.

The December meeting of the state senate is the first in more than 12 years. Carcieri is being succeeded by independent Lincoln Chafee.[1]

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