Rhode Island board of elections lowers candidate fine

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October 14, 2010

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island:In Rhode Island, an unopposed general election candidate has had a fine reduced from $55,000 to $5,000 by the state board of elections.[1]

Leo Medina -- who is running unopposed in the general election for district 12 of the Rhode Island House of Representatives -- allegedly failed to file 27 campaign finance reports dating back to 2004.[1]

Medina is one of 95 challengers to defeat an incumbent during a primary this season. He defeated incumbent Joseph Almeida in the September 14 primary by a margin of 743-717.

The fine must be paid within 60 days or it will escalate to $11,000.[1]

Medina is also under investigation for acting as an attorney without a license and alleged witness intimidation.[1]

There are no other candidates running for election to District 12. Thus, barring unforeseen circumstances, Medina is guaranteed election on November 2.

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