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Richard Levine

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Richard Levine
Candidate for
Oregon State House District 4

Political party Democratic
Profession Former College President
Website Campaign website
Richard Levine was a Democratic candidate for District 4 of the Oregon House of Representatives. The primary election was on May 18, 2010 and the general election was on November 2.


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Levine was defeated in the November 2 general election by incumbent Dennis Richardson (R).[1]


Levine's campaign website lists three main issues:

  • Jobs and the Economy: "While the State can not undo the crisis brought on by the financial industry, it can create the jobs and build the economy to stop this cascade of failures from further weakening Oregon. Letting the slide into foreclosures and bankruptcy continue while waiting for the existing marketplace to correct itself is no longer an option."
  • Education: "I will fight for quality education at all levels. I will work toward developing a truly seamless educational system K-12 to Community Colleges to Universities."
  • Healthcare: "Using Oregon’s purchasing power, a public option for Oregon would decrease costs to the taxpayer and increase health services. The public option would provide a reduction in health care costs for small business, meaning stronger businesses and more jobs. This is an option that must be explored."

Independent Party Questionnaire

Levine responded to the Independent Party of Oregon questionnaire.[2] Below are a selection of paraphrased answers, as well as some direct responses.

  • Q: What is your #1 priority?
  • A: "Funding education appropriatly considering our budget shortfall."
  • Q: What programs would you cut to make up the budget shortfall?
  • A: "Whatever programs are cut will have advocates. I am not in favor of across the board cuts. I believe we can achieve a balanced budget by re-inventing how we do business in each agency."
  • Q: What is your best idea to promote economic development in Oregon?
  • A: "Oregon invests 68 billion dollars annually. All with major east coast investment firms. We can use some of these dollars invested locally to give small business the credit lines needed to stay in business. We can also fund new businesses that will grow our labor force."
  • Q: Should the Attorney General and Secretary of State enforce Measure 47 limits on political campaign contributions?
  • A: "Yes"
  • Q: Do you favor amending the Oregon Constitution, if ultimately necessary, to allow reasonable limits on campaign contributions in state and local candidate races?
  • A: "Yes"
  • Q: Do you support "fusion-lite" with multiple parties nominating a candidate?
  • A: "Yes"
  • Q: Do you support regulation to control health care costs and give the Insurance Division greater power to limit unreasonable rate increases and allow citizen participation in cases involving insurance rate hikes?
  • A: "Yes"
  • Q: Should non-affiliated voters be allowed to vote in the primaries of the major parties?
  • A: "Yes!!"
  • Q: Should Oregon adopt a nonpartisan commission of retired judges to reapportion its congressional and legislative districts?
  • A: "Yes"
  • Q: What is your best idea for making government in Oregon responsive to the public interest and less consumed with the desires of special interests?
  • A: "If we remove the incentive for special interests to contribute to campaigns we lessen their impact. I believe we should also return to term limits which would allow legislators to focus on the issues and their constituents not re-election."


Campaign Address

Post Office Box 3320 Applegate, OR 97530

Campaign Phone


Campaign email

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