Richard Morris recall, Quitman County, Georgia (2010)

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An effort to recall Richard Morris from his position as Chairman of the County Commission of Quitman County, Georgia, failed when recall supporters did not collect enough signatures to force a recall vote.[1]

The recall effort was initiated by a group of citizens, Concerned Citizens of Quitman County, who said that Morris "wrongfully asked a Grand Jury to investigate the Sheriff's Office after [2009]'s small-scale riot in Georgetown, stemming from an investigative traffic stop."[2]

460 signatures were required to force a recall election. That number is 30% of the total number of registered voters in the county. Tommy White, chairman of the recall committee, said that the recall group had submitted 402 signatures to Quitman County Probate Judge Andrew Bennett. This was 58 short of the number needed to schedule a recall election.[3]

Morris denied the validity of the claims against him, saying, "I have written up quite a statement to make about [the judge's] findings. I think these charges are frivolous. I’m disappointed. It’s ludicrous."[4]

Recall organizers said, "We are proud of what we have accomplished and even though their will not be a recall election, Richard Morris is hereby put on notice that we will be watching every move he makes, and if need be, we will start another recall action against him in six months. The citizens of this community want an open and honest government, not one that promotes tyranny and fear. Just because we did not get the required signatures needed for a recall election does not negate the fact that Judge Lukemire found that there was probable cause to believe that you (Morris) were guilty of malfeasance of office, misconduct in office, violating your oath of office and guilty of failure to perform your duties."[3]

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