Robert Tallinger and Stephen Smart recall, Town of Waukesha, Wisconsin (2010)

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A vote about whether to recall Robert Tallinger, Sr. and Stephen Smart from their positions as town supervisors with the Town of Waukesha, Wisconsin took place on July 13, 2010. Both officials were recalled.[1][2]

At the time of the recall vote, Tallinger had been in office for 21 years and Smart for 15 years.

Recall organizer Angie Van Scyoc was elected to replace Tallinger. Recall organizer Joe Banske was elected to replace Smart.

Recall Results


Robert Tallinger recall election results:

  • Votes to keep Tallinger: 318
  • Votes to recall Tallinger and replace him with Angie Van Scyoc: 1,114 Approveda
  • Votes to recall Tallinger and replace him with Patricia Bartlett: 244


Stephen Smart recall election results:

  • Votes to keep Smart: 419
  • Votes to recall Smart and replace him with Joe Banske: 949 Approveda
  • Votes to recall Smart and replace him with Curt Bauer: 275

Supporting arguments

A group called "Concerned Citizens of the Town of Waukesha" led the recall effort. They said that Tallinger and Smart did not act in the best interest of the Town of Waukesha when they voted to divide land that has been identified by the city of Waukesha for future well sites.[3] That vote paved the way for the City of Waukesha to drill shallow wells near the Vernon Marsh.[2]

The land at stake was land near the Vernon Marsh. The controversial vote of Waukesha's town supervisors that led to their eventual recall was a vote to approve selling some land near Vernon Marsh to the state's Department of Natural Resources, as well as selling several acres to the City of Waukesha.[4] The City of Waukesha intended to use the land it was sold to drill wells. Residents in the Town of Waukesha who were unhappy with the land sale said that Tallinger and Smart, in selling the land, failed to properly protect the future water supply of Town of Waukesha residents.[5]

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